Hold up a light

Hey Lovelies,

We´ve moved into a Victorian home in Bellisseria the other day and while the move was completed and dealt with the kitchen lamp wasn´t fully installed so I was a brave girl and stepped on the ladder while Jonian made sure I didn´t tilt the lamp.

Hold up a light_001

When I saw [JUSTICE]´s Beth I knew I had to come up with something like this hrhrhrhr


Mina Hazel
[mock] Watermelon Lipshine

Addams Maisie

CHEZ MOI Industrial Kitchen Fridge and Picnic Table Let´s Party
RE Old Wood Spice Rack
Astralia– Bekka Kitchen set (Lamp)

.::THOR::. Wood Toolbox and scissors

LH Victorian Home The Shelley

AbsolutA Poses – Step Ladder 1

(SS) Atmospheric 06:00 6b @ our Retreat using Black Dragon


Hold up a light_002_002

Phew, getting out was quite the challenge I tell ya!!

Musical inspiration:

(the original version is from his Take That Repertoire but this version is so beautiful and needs an extra share 😉
I don´t own anything but a deep love for the song

Take care,



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