Of Gothgirl and Ghostman

Hey Lovelies,

I´m sorry for being so  silent recently, wild times again. Where to start…

We headed back to Frankfurt Airport to fetch the family from their trip to Asia. This time we had a guided 2 hr tour around the airport and we were driven across the runway right behind the parking A380s and what other planes were standing there. It was A-fuckin-MAZING!!!

Now as we decided this will be our home we transfered my desk to here, redid the living room and put up shelves and catwalks on the walls (you can see pics on my FB – Akasha Sternberg – not the blog´s page 😉 ).  When that was done I noticed the increasing activity in the Her GeekSpot group, went over to their newly remodelled store and started to talk to Jaq Rose.  You know me blabbering and words following words…you know how these conversations go— well to cut it short: please welcome them as my new SPONSOR!! YEY!

I swear this is so super handy *chuckles* but yeah go check them out 😉 Even if they weren´t my sponsor I´d raid their store!!

Unfortunately it´s not all peachy though, The Bellisserian is on hold until further notice.

Too many of the staff were held from writing or publishing by RL. Mean but things like that happen. I think I still might throw in articles on different topics in the future though.
Other than that… it´s not a secret I love modern classical music and I´ve seen The Piano Guys in concert in June. My weird brain fell in love with the cello and… well… we´ve started research to  GET ME A FUCKIN CELLO!!! In my late 30s… I know it´s weird and I kinda keep it under wraps in RL – which is superhard cos I want to shout it out into the world… but yeah. It´s quite common to first rent string instruments and then buy them and that´s what we´re gonna do. I wanna see if  we get along as well as I hope. I won´t take fancy classes or have high ambitions. My goal is to play some stuff by ear and …just fiddle with it, hold it, get some sound out of it.

Ok, so far the news!
As I´ve mentioned Her Geek Spot is my newest sponsor and I asked the sweet and insane  Tequila Mockingbird of 1313 Mockingbird Lane for a combination of older items I felt would support the introduction just fine. What do you think? Her Geek Spot usually release clothes but they started to dip their toe into furniture. Quite successfully I´d say!

Goth Man_005

Goth Man_002Goth Man_003


Standards (new: Catwa Kathy 4.0 Update, HD Lips)
Kuni Maria
~Ottilie~ Matte or Glossy Lipstick and Daily Eyeshadow Nude
Dark Passion Koffin Nails Bat as Hell

1313 Mockingbird Lane Sailor Crop Top, Acorna Skirt, Something Boo and Lessa Stilettos

The Green Door – Garden Shed
Her Geek Spot – PAC-OTTO-MAN and GHOST-OTTO-MAN set
:Cheeky Pea: Bohemian Curtains Watercolour
Heart – Witchwood
Lunaria.– Season Changing Tree
[EP] Projector
[FOURTH WALL] Fantasy Grass

Prim Possible Building Platform

BattleScars – PREMIUM – STARS 5.5 (altered) @ my Sky Office

ok I´ll leave you alone for now *muahahahhaha* – I gotta get the promo done cos my cousin Andi is coming over for a nice lil BBQ to celebrate him being cancer free! YEEEY!!! He knows about this blog and if you want to give him a virtual High5 I´ll show the comments to him 😉 … ok I gotta hurry 😉

take care,



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