Hey Lovelies,

PHEW ok, here we go!

This one´s going to be a bit of a long one and while I was looking forward to it I´m basically  panicking right now, cos WordPress forced this horrible new editor on me and I have to either upgrade to a quite costly business plan or migrate my page – neither are things I can do on a whim in between my quite tight posting schedule I´m currently on.

So… wish me luck and bare with me if this post doesn´t meet the usual standards. Here we go:

1. You know I´ve recently joined an MC – the Gators. They´re a pretty tight knit pack – internationally – which is handy for me so I actually SEE them once in a while. Now we´re having a fun lil auction where we auction off  dates and services to raise some money for the si… region! REGION! I SAID REGION, Patch!!! Get off of me with that soap and no I don´t wanna go to TheCornField ;-;.

Anyways – Auction!


Meet Stockard Darkmatter – one of my fellow Gators, Englishman, INSANE! and fabulous.

This is what we´re wearing:



Exile Rosalie
alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book
[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Halloween Glitter Bats

Fable5 … Once upon a time – until August 31st presents:

The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co. Fairy Dust

The 4 Seasons Event until August 29th:

[Ari-Pari] Holly Glasses (Gacha)

EarthStones Devorah Earrings
The Little Bat – Goddess Armband
Blueberry – Unbothered

Lena Le – Hand Bell


Belleza Jake

Catwa Stanley

You know… Stocky´s a Diva and SOOO fuckin extra so he won´t tell you which skin he uses ♥

DUFAUX – Bandana Cap
[LOB] – Squad Rescue Armor
Matova – Ramses Arm Wraps
Legal Insanity – Bruce harness denims
WRONG – Bento static Male Poses (Pose W116 -1)

AnaLutetia – AvatarOpt2 whiter @ Gators Auction Area, as well as my pose adjusted with Black Dragon , LumiPro is illuminating us

And yes, that picture is cut off just… inappropriately appropriately *laughs* it´s a Big Dance that will end the auction ;). Here are the full details:

•✰• August 17th – August 27th

•✰•Auction goes LIVE on August 17, 2020 at 12pm SLT ends with dance on August 27th at 12pm SLT

•✰• This is a board auction. 100% of the proceeds from the auction and sponsored entities will be donated to the Gators MC for expenses, events’ costs, etc.

•✰• We will be auctioning off Gator members for services such as dates, building, photography, landscaping, personal shopper and more!

•✰• ALL contracts are to be determined between the two parties involved, UNLESS otherwise stated in auction terms. A dance will immediately follow the auction for those interested in beginning their time immediately.

•✰• The highest bidder at the end of the week wins!

I´m offering:

♥blogger training
♥styling / makeover
♥photography (NO post editing! I use Firestorm for setup, BlackDragon for the actual pic, nothing else happens to the pic after I click save 😉 )
♥modelling (certified runway model, vendor, live, alternative – SL Suicide Girl, topless and platonic only)
♥model training
♥interior and exterior decorating
♥translations German/English

There´s more news though:

The infamous Suicide Girls are back in action in SL. Well we´re just building  up things again but we have a new plot and the Discord I´ve mentioned and we´ll have so much fun. I can´t wait. You REALLY want to join the inworld group and Discord NOW, trust me. Steal the group from my inworld profile (yes, same name, clear writing 😉 )

More on all that later though!

Take care,



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