Hey Lovelies,

this post is quite short but I have a lot of news in preparation. They were planned for today but… then I got RL news that are just more important to pay attention to for now:



I´m watching her leave this world in:

TAOX TaTToo Feet Rose Cross

Foxy Freya @ Collabor88 until Septembre 6th
alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book and Spooky Girl Shredded Nylons
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Bolt Jolt
Pink Fuel Sparkle&Shine
Go&See Tears

The 4 Seasons Event until August 29th:
:::KinkyBeauty::: Pia
<Sweet Potatoes> Kitty Pet Follower – Snow

~Blacklace~ Fantasies: Red&Black Floral

+Psycho Barbie+ :
*Fishnet Stockings GG (50L GroupJoinFee)
* Hex (Teleport Hub Gift – 10L GroupJoinFee) and
*Meow (TheStayAtHomeClub Gift Gift)

::After Midnight Fashion:: Terri Heels @Twe12ve until August 31st

LUX AETERNA [The Aurora Observatory] Skybox
Tuty´s Enchanting Woman GroundSit

BattleScars  – PREMIUM – STARS 1.0 @ our SkyOffice, along with the pose adjusted in Black Dragon , LumiPro is illuminating me

As I´ve mentioned Queeny used to be a RL nickname of mine. While it derived from QueenOfDamned (Akasha) she was the Queen of Hearts (her full name).

Hug your loved ones, take care,



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