Let me just grab you

Hey Lovelies,

Just let me get you_001

and we´ll summon all the magic creatures so Jonian has the best Birthday!

What´s that pretty staff and stuff you ask?

– The pretty tattoo is Leven Ink ´s Gloria –

Midsummer Enchantment (until July 26th) presenting you:

+Raindale – Fairy circle (PG)
+Afterparty – Novice Druid Staff HUNT ITEM – 5L! look for a pretty victorian mask 😉
+Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Grim Garden

other Deco items jumping to help:

+*CSF* Soft Grass
+LOVE– WEEPING WILLOW and 1Prim Forest Summer
+.Tardfish. Death Fairy

BattleScars – FREE GIFT – CLOUDS – ROMANTIC – NORTH @our SkyOffice, edited in Black Dragon, as well as the pose based on the basic SL stand


We won´t be on much the next few days so

take care, love, Kasha

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