Z has had enough

Hey Lovelies,

y´all know the store Dead Dollz, right? Now…there´s news: Z disappeared and the brand is now called Dead Doll, cos, you know, the show must go on and stuffs…


“DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PRESSURE IS ON MY SHOULDERS?” Was the last thing I heart it scream before running off, slamming each door in its way. I still haven´t found it yet… but it seems to REALLY have enough… Will we ever see it again? I just hope it´s safe! Be well Z, may you find your peace.


Style Card:

Doux Cassie

Pink Fuel Sugar Rush
IDTTY Deja Vu @ BlackFair until July 18th
[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Stargazer

Dead Doll Losing my Zed Merch (shirt, Z, Coffee to go)
Salt&Pepper – Calliope @ Uber until July 22nd

MINIMAL – London Rooftop Scene @ UBER until July 22nd

Magnifique Poses – Journey Home Pose 4

BattleScars – FREE GIFT – Romantic South @ our SkyOffice, edited in Black Dragon as well as the pose

if you see Zed tell him he´s sorely missed but… we understand. Or… maybe just give him the peace he desires so badly and just nod knowingly.
(My subconsciousness wrote this post for a certain very lovely man who disappeared into the shadows after an amazing career in a British pop-band. My Zed is…has been called Jay – don´t worry it´s known that he´s alive, though there´s reports of him replying with “not anymore” if asked if it was him.)

take care,



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