Rose Red

Hey Lovelies,

Now today I need to sit down while I tell you this story – and you should, too. So Eudora introduced a new designer in a group notices: AVEC TOI. Well the designer is Klet Glass, but her label is AVEC TOI. I noticed her skill right away. I don´t seem to have been the only one cos her first release hit a previous round of Kinky, this one, her second called Rose is currently at Uber. Not bad, eh? She´s super humble and sweet, too. I had the honour to talk to her – and add her *hrhrhrhrhrhr* – and omg I melted!

Needless to say I combined them with Eudora´s newest release which is currently to be found at FaMESHed.
As this style is a bit out of my comfort zone – you know I´m usually not as classically elegant and posh… I had to sit down on Kraftwork´s release for past weekend´s Happy Weekend Sale and as that´s called Dandy it was just perfect to prepare after we´ve watched Titanic which has been (*sobs* I actually have a lifelong fascination for that ship…dunno why just do) just as elegant… well. The added character of – another- Rose is both beautiful, sweet and tough so the circle brought me back to the ever so awesome Miss Emily Autumn whose song Rose Red I´ve added in both the teaser and the stylecard, text and video respectively.

Rose Red_002


Standards (Lara 5.2, Catwa 4.5)
STERNBERG Wedding Ring Akasha
Doux Cassie @Très Chic until July 10th

Pink Fuel Sugar Rush
IDTTY Deja Vu @ BlackFair until July 18th
Catwa Master Hud Lower Eyeliner

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)

CAE  Devil
AVEC TOI Rose @ Uber until July 22nd
Bowtique Fishnet Rose Tights
Eudora3D Aura @ FaMESHed until July 27th

KRAFTWORK Dandy (Happy60L WE July 5/6)
[Krescendo] Spring Panels @ BlackFair until July 18th
dust bunny natural habitat 3

(SS) Atmos 18:00 1 @ our SkyOffice as well as the inbuilt pose adjusted in Black Dragon EEP Version, illuminated by Lumi Pro

Video with Lyrics

I also might try to switch up the posts a bit, I´m trying to you know… find a balance between my style and what works “numbers” wise cos as much as I twist and turn things it IS still marketing and advertising both for the designers and for me. In all the creativity and behind it it is always a bit of serious business involved. I try to keep it as unnoticable as possible, but yeah ^^. Let´s see how that goes and if my OCD lets me shake things up… Wish me luck and take care,



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