Hey DJ play that list

Hey Lovelies,


now this post was meant to be out by Tuesday but BD keeps crashing out of nowhere and I had to take this in Firestorm. I am super anxious about it being of lesser quality than my most recent pics but both Master-Nitpicker Jonian and collegues have confirmed that it is actually good and up to par with the other stuff I´ve done recently. GAH does someone have any self-esteem left? Can you buy that shit?


The reason why I´m so anxious about this pic is that it combines so much I wanted to do for ages:

Hey DJ Play that List_004

here we have: the outfit being an hommage to the ever so awesome Emilie Autumn and her stage outfits during the The Key Tour, the on the counter of a bar stuff like in Coyote Ugly (which is SO cool, someone needs to do that dance as an animation ^^) – BOND having their new single out and as Pride Month is FINALLY over I feel much safer including both the Ally sparks and the Rainbow Lightbeams (I REALLY hate doing that during June cos I don´t wanna seem like I´m jumping a fuckin bandwaggon there,  the LGBTQIA+ squad means a real lot to me…



Standards (Lara 5.2, Catwa 4.5)
STERNBERG Wedding Ring Akasha
Doux Cassie @Très Chic until July 10th

alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5 and Alaska´s Favourites
WarPaint Unicorn Tears

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)

KITJA Mirella
[amicale] soulful
[R&R Swag] Allure Devious
Larry Jeans 170
WeArH0uSE torn

!Skifija Dragon Lady Skirt

*!* ABSOLUT CREATIONS CatBoots UNIQUE 34 – ONLY ONE IN SL – and those are mine ;P

Trompe Loeil  Navelline
LOVE Lightrasy Pathway Rainbow and Heart of me Cello
E.V.E.Splashing Aura Stars


BattleScars  LUCY CLOUDS 19.0 BLOOD @ our SkyOffice, edited in FS this time cos BD demanded a break from me 😉


so this pic not only means SO damn much to me it´s also gonna be entering a contest (yes, I found a contest where you don´t have to do a hashtag… ^^) so wish me luck. It´s not much to win, it´s a week as the profile pic but hey ^^ no hashtag required so there´s that ^^ . So this contest has the topic “Hey DJ play that song!” this week. Ain´t that just appropriate? I was so hyped when I read about it and REALLY thought about what I wanted to do. That was what I came up with.  Keep yer fingers crossed for me.

Take care



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