Hey Lovelies,

See – I said I´d be back soon. NOW… you wanted to know what a Pitch is… Let me explain it quickly:


Forest Pitch_001

We´re the pirates beyond the witches. No matter the surroundings  we roam everywhere…

Forest Pitch_002

…always ready to put a spell…. or curse… on you 😉

Style Card:

Standards (Lara 5.1, Catwa 4.5)
STERNBERG Wedding Ring Akasha
Magika   Autumn

alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5 and Alaska´s Favourites
WarPaint Unicorn Tears

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)

Astralia Cast a spell hat
PixelBox Design City Heart
C* Antique Pirate Dress
Sweet Thing Lolita Lace Cuffs
Blueberry FLF 7/19 Stockings
Eudora3D Morgan

Breaux Willow Firefly Keeper (the MP is empty and the Store LM leads to a Parcel that´s for sale…hm, however it WAS a gift for Gacha Garden May 2020 ^^)

Heart – WILDWOOD Giant Oak Forest, Wild Mountain Pines and Harmony Daisies
(Fundati) Advanced Cliffs Set
E.V.E. Stars Fireflies Light Path
Enchanted Fantasy Falling Fairy Bubbles

Tuty´s Enchanted Woman

[EUPHORIA] natural high @ our SkyOffice as well as the pose adjusted in Black Dragon EEP Version, illuminated by Lumi Pro

Well,… now you know 😉

Take Care,



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