Own it, Witch!

Hey Lovelies,


gah! Where is my mind? Anybody seen it? HALP! Decisions that HAVE been made have to be made again. We try to be positive and see the advantages in all of it for all participants (no travel, no dressing up yet not missing out, more space for everybody physically present, more friends being able to attend because of the videostream,…) but it is SUCH a pain in the arse to still not have numbers for the weddings. We´re hopefully looking into getting them on Monday.

Own it Witch_001

Our wedding will be nothing like it´s planned to be but… well we gotta own the situation don´t we?

Own it Witch_003

We´ll kick some arse!

Style Card:

Standards (Lara 5.02, Catwa 4.5)
Raven Bell Nereid @ Fantasy Faire until May 10th, >>RFL Vendor<< <– HURRY UP! Few hours left!!!!!!

alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5 and Holly

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)

[JUSTICE] JANIS Dress, Chain and Boots @FaMESHeduntil May
and REMI Bracelet and Necklace Set – GIFT – for FaMESHed 8th Birthday (Free Group Needed)

FOXCITY Neighbourhood and Chill (6) for TheSaturdaySale
STERNBERG May Tree (custom, not for sale)


BattleScars –Premium LUCY 10.0@ our SkyOffice as well as the pose tinkered with in BlackDragon Viewer EEP Version

Regarding that tree to my left: It is a “Maibaum” (May´s Tree). After “breakfast” on May 1st Jonian threw me out of the living room to prepare something… I was HIGHLY alarmed but let him be, determined to complain about him openly being premaritally mean and cruel and you have it…. fishing for awwws!
When I was allowed to return I had to search so I started at our front door until I noticed it´s something in SL (I was in the office 2km up in the sky, he wasn´t there…) so I tp´ed to him and he put built and put up a decorated May-Birch *-* I´ve never gotten one in any life and always kinda suffered from that so YEEEEEEEEEEEEEY *-*

This Tree thing is something local to Northrhine-Westphalia I think …. every May the 1st guys set up a decorated birch with a heart in front of their partner´s window. For leap years it´s usually the other way around but yeah XD to quote him “ah…details….”

Erm yeah… I´m blown away really *-* So instead of telling him how mean he is – if you see him around pat his back or high5 him, he deserves it ^^

Have your fingers crossed everybody, this time next week yer lil weirdo will be fuckin MARRIED! WAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Take care,



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