Goodbye Pt 1

Hey Lovelies,

well I guess the time of the big goodbyes has come. First of all Jonian and I say goodbye to our shower, then I´m saying goodbye to Eudora3D as my guest sponsor and how greatful I am to have had this awesome opportunity because Sugarfairy is awesome. Last but not least we´re saying goodbye to my own flat whose rent expires on March 31st officially but we´re looking to end it one or two weeks earlier. This is the first and bigger of two waves of goodbyes within the next 3 months. The rest of goodbyes will be in May so I´ll get to that then. To hint at what we part from: We´ve bought our wedding rings last friday! Yes, on V-Day hrhrhrh.

Goodbye Pt 1_001

Style Card:

Standards (Maitreya Lara 5.02)
Magika Faye

[Salem]Elle @ FrouFrou until March 8th
Blueberry – Evie
Eudora3D Sid @ FaMESHed until March 6th

BattleScars LUCY 10.0 @ our Retreat in Black Dragon, which was used for the pose, too

See ya round!

Take care,



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