Finally Home

Hey Lovelies,

that´s what I´m feeling in our flat. Unfortunately the next post will be my last for about 4 weeks because our bathroom is being remodelled and we have to go to my own flat to stay there and empty it – hopefully on March 15th. We can´t take my PC along cos my desk and everything´s already here so nowhere to put it. But we´ll be super busy anyways so *sighs* yeah, I´ll be gone for about 3,5 weeks – if all goes well which I REALLY REALLY REALLY do hope…

Anyways after that stressful time one big bunch on our ToDoList will be checked off. Of course I didn´t forget about Valentine´s day. In my last post I´ve featured *NeverWish*´s  Falling Hearts Skybox, which you can get for free within the XOXO Hunt if Cupid is nice, if Cupid is stupid you can grab it for 50L until the 16th (next sunday!). You TP around with a Hud you can grab via their website, which is the link, say xoxo in chat and you get another try each 24hours.  4 more chances left, folks.

However Pixie throws all the love our way again for today´s Humpday sale with her Glittery Heart Backpack and I strongly suggest grabbing it cos the poor woman´s not been feeling well and she could use the extra loving *grins* PLUS… well look at it. I´d easily call it a MUST HAVE basic for tons of looks all over the year. It´s quite the steal deal for 60L, too.

Finally Home_002

look how pretty it is – and how well it fits the Unbothered Pants, the latest release by Blueberry – she´s remodelling her store right now!!! The Rose Boots come as a Fatpack btw so you can tint them in the wildest combinations!

Finally Home_001

I SO can´t wait to have all the boxes unpacked and stored away again!


Standards (Maitreya Lara 5.02)
Magika Faye
[mock] Watermelon Lipshine

Lunar Beck @Equal10 until March 5th
BlueberryUnbothered (Mainstore is currently remodelled)
Asteroid Box Rose Boots @Equal 10 until March 5th

*NeverWish* Glitter Heart Backpack for Humpday Sale (today – Wednesday, Feb 12th – only)

LindenHomes The Shelley

DRD Doormat (previous GG)

I´ve butchered my random stand loop from Tuty´s Enchanted Woman AO into poses yet again 😉

A-9PM @ our Retreat in Black Dragon

Ok now that´s enough rambling from me… go shopping 😛

Take care,



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