Hello Goodbye Valentine

Hey Lovelies,

Damn I don´t think I´ve ever sent out a last minute “grab this” post this last minute before in all my 8 years but you need to be real quick now and run to Cosmopolitan to grab those lovely pants by  [JUSTICE].

Hello Goodbye Valentine_001Hello Goodbye Valentine_002Hello Goodbye Valentine_004

Style Card:

Standards(Maitreya Lara 5.01)
Magika Faye
[mock] Watermelon Lipshine, The Silence eShadow

::After Midnight Fashion:: Lux @The Darknessuntil the 28th
[JUSTICE] Reilly @ Cosmopolitanuntil the 9th !!!(Monday!!)
Eudora3D Deanna @ FaMESHed until the 27th

*NeverWish* Falling Hearts Skybox @XOXO Hunt until the 16th (next sunday!)
Astara Timeout Chair Princess and Always Lamp -> @Shop &Hop until the 23rd

BattleScars  Industrial 8.0 @ SkyOffice in Black Dragon


Take care,



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