Torn Heart

Hello Lovelies,

despite both my rezday (Sunday, 12th) as well as my birthday (Wednesday, 15th) having been recently (the first one was really not so good but the later was – I got a Nintendo Switch) my heart is aching and torn.

On Decembre 30th we had an extremely stressful day including a lot of driving around and the biggest panic attack I had in …a long time… just to come home and see more and more of our costuming friends turning their FB into grief mode, going black profile pic and posting R.I.P.  It took us almost half an hour to find out who it was and when we did we both ended up bawling our eyes out for the rest of the evening.

A friend of ours had suddenly passed away (I still don´t know what happened). He lived quite close and when we saw him on events he was always beaming with a huge smile, joking, welcoming, cuddly, warm and there for everybody.

His funeral was on Tuesday and we weren´t able to attend because I felt quite unwell so this is my goodbye to Micha

Torn Heart_007

I´m really glad CAZIMI´s Dima came up with essential oils as I need some uplifting rose right now… because my heart is as torn as this awesome shirt by [JUSTICE]

Torn Heart_002

Eudora3D´s supporting my legs with his wonderful riding boots, giving me a solid stand when the feel all wobbly again

Torn Heart_006

while Addams released a super cool necklace as their GG (19L to join so …almost free) – this heart is a part of it and the Hud is AMAZING!

Style Card:

Magika Faye
alaskametro<3 Times Square
[mock] Watermelon Lipshine

Addams Penelope Necklace GG (partially)
amias NADIA
Blueberry Dynamite (Velvet Leggings -Megapack only 😉 )
Eudora3D Riding Boots

*NeverWish* Coffin Skybox (without the stary night sky part of the backdrop)

CAZIMI Essential Oils ( rose/uplifting ) @ Designer Showcase until the 28th

Tuty´s Enchanting Woman sitting pose modified with Black Dragon´s Poser

BattleScars 25.0 HERMIT @ SkyOffice supported by LumiPro


take care,




2 thoughts on “Torn Heart

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Thanks for the tip about the necklace. I had left the Addams group a while back because I always seem to crash while there (I think it’s just too many items to rez in for my poor viewer) but the necklace is worth joining the group again for.

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    • that and well it´s only 19L – I leave the group occasionally cos… well you know how it is with group slots and blogging and all that… but I always keep an eye on them and rejoin if I want something ^^ (one of) the next post(s) will feature the full necklace as it´s quite heavy and rather punky – love it^^ but this one called for a more subtle version^^)
      and thanks

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