Hey Lovelies,

happy new year! 2020 will be about family for us. Ok, my absence was longer than expected but with the new StarWars movie coming out, the holidays, a lot of life-altering decisions and a VERY unexpected loss amongst our friends within the German Garrison I had no time, let alone energy for SL or blogging. During the first days of January, I managed to get my inventory in shape again, unpacked and catalogized everything so…I´m fully prepared and ready to go again.
Oh btw BVN hosted a Gold&White Party BVN in Decembre and TONS of awesome prizes were given away like gift cards and blogger spots for a limited time. Now Sugarfairywon one month of blogging for Eudora3D but as she´s already one of his bloggers and she´s super awesome she gave it to me! So this month I´m a guest blogger for him – I hope I do his awesome stuff justice.


Style Card:

eXxEsS Cookie
alaskametro<3 Times Square
[mock] Watermelon Lipshine

Lapointe&Bastchild  Swear Bianca
..::Beautiful Dirty Rich::.. Weekend in Bora Bora (GG)
Eudora3D Rusty Boots @ Ubertil the 22nd

Studio Skye  Land Forms Snow 64m Flat
[FOURTH WALL] Snowy Rock Collection
[HarshLands] Falling Snow
{anc} powder snow 1Li
*PetiteChat* Old Sled

Tuty´s Enchanting Woman AO Ground Sit 4 modified in BlackDragon 

Luna Jubilee Snowday@ my HomeOffice with the help of LumiPro

I´ve mentioned some life-altering stuff earlier:  we´ve closed the deal on our bathroom remodelling, I´ve cancelled my own flat, I´ve had a nervous breakdown again and we finalized our wedding invitations last night. I had to part with three sponsors unfortunately, cos I felt I cannot represent them appropriately anymore. What´s the use in staying and blocking a slot then? To stay just because you love the creator so much would be a false reason. I´d rather be professional and objective there. With our RL going batshit crazy for the next 6 – 7 months I don´t want to add the weight of having to blog stuff I feel others pull of better.

I don´t know if I (have to) go on a complete break later in spring, I know I´ll be absend during the second half of February and the first week of March due to the other flat. I´ll keep you posted on that though!
Now that my post is done I need to rush to my spreads though, my new journal needs attention – I haven´t even done this week´s weekly and I prefer to do a month at a time usually.  Spech in times when my mental health is where it is right now. I HAVE to use the “good” days. My SL Journal doesn´t even have a January yet. So… I better hurry…

take care,



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