Christmas Music

Hey Lovelies,

Jonian´s officially of work for the rest of the year so we decided to take some time and play our instruments together (he plays the Viloa, the violin and the piano in RL, too).

We´re not leaving the flat tonight so we´re still in our super comfy jammies.


While we only have 2 cats my RL mom does have a pug – this one´s for you Paula – we love ya :* also today is Friday the 13th and both the number 13 and black cats are a sign of bad luck for superstitious people  but for us they´re signs of good luck 😉 We´re twisted and weird, remember?


eXxEsS Cookie
[mock] Watermelon Lipshine
alaskametro<3 Snow Queen ( Stocking stuffer at the Christmas Expo until the 15th)

::After Midnight Fashion:: Christmas Festive Pajamas @ the Up Event until Dec 15th

LOVE Cello Heart of me

{Cold-Ash} Montana Tee and Basic Socks
::After Midnight Fashion:: Men´s Halloween Lounge Pants

**Real Evil Industries** Our Time @Santa Inc  until the 27th

*~RcR~*RcReation*~RcR~*Mesh Violin

DaD Riverstone
JIAN Kitty Shelving
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – charging station
Teddy Junior CornerCouch
NOMAD // Cello // .03

SS Atmospheric 17.00 cloudy @ @ Home using  BlackDragon

Now we did plot to teach me some Christmas song and drag the instruments around when visiting our parents on Christmas Eve but it doesn´t even seem like we have to. Hm…. we´ll see. Now remember: we´re German so the big thing is the evening of the 24th here. The 25th and 26th are for more family times and meeting for big feasts.

Ok, my fingers have had enough rest. Now to a cup of self-made non alcoholic mullet wine or Glühwein in German. Jonian doesn´t drink at all and I hardly drink a drop of alcohol so we used juices and teas with fruit and spices NOM!!! After that we´ll return to the instruments for some more songs and then we´ll curl up on the couch with the kittehs. You´ll be busy running to Up anyways to grab those supercomfy PJ´s I´m wearing anyways! RUN!!!! HURRY!!!!!

Oh btw – have you noticed the new additions in my sponsor section? Be prepared – we´ll be back with some awesome stuff of theirs quite soon – probably tomorrow or sunday. Until then…

take care,



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