Reuniting with an old friend

Hey Lovelies,

my oh my these days are wild in RL so here´s another quicky! You´ll get to my “project” next week, pinkie promise! It´s gonna be fantastic.

Now… the other day Tequila of 1313 Mockingbird Lane poked me and said she had a lil surprise for me coming up as her next release:

Reuniting with an old friend_004

warm morning tea warms my tummy…mhhhhhh

Reuniting with an old friend_002

yes, I´m a good girl washing up my stuff after I used it!!


GlamAffair Wendy @Access until Dec 8th

eXxEsS Cookie

1313 Mockingbird Lane Flannels @ Tannenbaum until Dec 20th (50% off inworld Sale until Dec 2nd)

DaD Riverstone (75% off inworld Sale until Dec 2nd)
CHEZ MOI Industrial Kitchen (50% off inworld Sale until Dec 2nd)
dust bunny. kitchen clutter . potted herbs . parsley

BattleScars – Arrecife morning @ Home

Now I´ve had every version of these PJs though this one since she released it for the very first time … back in the P3 days – fuck we´re old, hun! This one does have slippers though… and a wrap around the belly ribbon, beautifully portrait by some wonderful collegues in the 1313 Mockingbird Flickr Group .  The reason why I cannot portrait it yet is … once more … my project 😉 Spoilers n stuff 😛

You´ll see it in the next post! Till then,  happy thanksgiving, indigenous people day or…whatever you might be celebrating – or not 😉 Good luck on BlackFriday – BE NICE TO EACHOTHER!!!! NO pushing! NO! and have a blessed and peaceful first of advent. There´ll be a lot of Advent Calenders – I know Tequila has something in the pipeline 😉

take care,



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