Space Girl

Hey Lovelies,

after my “Offline-cuddle-with-the-family” weekend I have finally gotten my arse up yesterday to take a pretty picture with stuff I REALLY want to show you:

I have kept this Her Geek Spot Dress in my Blog Folder for a couple of weeks now, waiting for the perfect moment. When Astara released their Cyber Glasses for this month´s We<3 RP (btw Astara have a lovely new mainstore on the HILTED Sim now^^) I knew the time had come. Dear Varosh came up with a new pose for his first Enchantment post the other day  and it reminded me of Palpatine´s force lightning in StarWars Episode 3: Return of the Sith (yes, I had to remind myself to type it out and not just throw ROTS at you… where´s my good girl cookies?)
To top it off ::AfterMidnightFashion::´s Mel  – who started her own blog recently released some cool DarkSoul Boots for the current Darkness round so I slid into the Stars version of them. Once I had put them on eXxEsS popped up on my timeline with “Cookie” – which is a hairstyle I´ve been waiting for for quite a while. I love when things just fall into place.

Space Girl_002


eXxEsS Cookie
#Adored Glimmer lines Starry night edition – tinted
Avada Marlowe Lipstick @TheDarkness until the 28th
Maitreya Hud Nailpolish

:::Sn@tch::: Calliope Earrings
Astara Cyber Glasses @We <3RP until the 30th
.::Nanika::. Betty Choker @GachaGarden Gift Nov 2019
Her Geek Spot Doc Who? Dress
::After Midnight Fashion:: Dark Soul Boots @Darkness until the 28th

[VSM] Fight for me
The Weekend Ruiner – Ultraviolent
E.V.E Splashing Aurea Star [Sunny Spells Vol. 5]

Doomed Spaceship (altered in Blackdragon Viewer) @ my SkyOffice

Ok Lovelies, gotta get the world out, this needs to be seen 😉

take care,



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