Fly and Ride

Hello Lovelies

if you actually come to this website to read my lil humble blog you might have noticed that The Darkness has accepted me as their blogger. Wheee!!

So … I managed to grab a little teaser for you to see what will be at this months´round opening on Tuesday the 5th:

Highest heels_001


Truth Shadow
{Frick} Bat Eye
[PinkFuel] Sparkle &Shine layered and blended

::Fatal Fashion Store:: Outfit 091 @The Darkness Novembre 2019(5th- the 30th) (yes, the Creoles, Bag and Sunglasses are included 😉 )
alaskametro<3 Belladonna Nailpolish

WeArH0uSE [subway exit] BG/WhiteDoor @ BackDrop City

Pose adjusted in BlackDragon´s Animation Manipulator from the default SL Stand
Battle Scars – Lucy Clouds – 5.0 ALL OF ME (altered)

Yes, I wear my sunglasses in the underground by the way! It´s only those few steps onto the actual platform that are a bit darker, the rest is really bright 😉 Let´s hope I don´t fly down the steps so I can take the underground safely cos I haven´t been wearing heels that high in ages.

I´ll be back soon with some more awesomeness!

Take care,



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