Living Dead Girl

Hello Lovelies,

DAMN a lot has happened! Let´s keep that for after the StyleCard, shall we? First of all it´s been 8 years today since I started blogging ( on so Happy Birthday to my little bloggie. I LOOOOVE YOU!!!!

So the outfit I´m showing you today was meant to be walking me down the runway for FASHICON Octobre 2019 – themed Halloween. But I was in a full alert mode (you´ll read why later) so I decided not to walk.
Living Dead Girl_001Living Dead Girl_002Living Dead Girl_003Living Dead Girl_004Living Dead Girl_005Living Dead Girl_007Living Dead Girl_009


GlamAffair Mineko @ TheArcade until Oct. 31st
no.match NO REFUGE
{Frick} Bat Eye
[PinkFuel] Sparkle &Shine layered and blended
toksik Hook Necklace
Beautiful Dirty Rich Mesh Shirt
Blueberry Mykonos Bra and FLF 7/19 Stockings
Schadenfreude Skull Electro cute Corset
amias NADIA
PinkCreamPie Adria Shorts
Abrasive Fishnets
Stunner Originals  Full Death
Pacagaia Lana


*!Reve.Obscura.!* Believe
*PoESioN* Diamond 8
Miamai Model Pose Runway 05
*PoESioN* Hat for Her 4

Close Up: Tuty´s Enchanted Woman AO and Catwa Animation Hud C

AKEYO – Walk 1IceGroove – Gyazo Gif to see the walk 🙂

**~La Petite Morte~** Photo Set Runway edited:
Ceiling: *LR* Free Mega Glass Pack – LR mgp blocked glass black
Wall Textures: Blades of Fire – Skull Pack – Kabul
Runway – 21 Wood Panel Textures – woodLightStriped_f-0 (I cannot find any link for that sorry)
Runway Spotlights – tinted

*StarSugar* Trick or treat tree @Driftwood until Nov 5th
*REAL Lights! – Happy Pumpkins
DaD “Let´s Party Skully!” Benjamin

BattleScars – Lucy Clouds – 26.0 WANDERLUST @ my SkyOffice

What influenced me:
Unlike suggested I did NOT browse the RL Runway shows for inspiration, we all know I hate 99% of the designs portrayed there. Openly and with an immense passion. No, I thought of my friends in the Horrorpunk Scene. What I saw friends of me wear on parties like Hells Night in Cologne. It´s not much of a secret that those styles are not halloween exclusives, rather a quite common style for me (and will be more present next year cos shopping this SL Halloween was SUPER bad) but for most creatures this is a Halloween-y look.  It combines a corset I had since 2013, current Gachas, last year stuff, a bit of this and that – the only thing that´s missing is Bakes on Mesh items.

Ok so to the decent happenings:

Dave´s brother was over last week and went to some University lectures to have another sneak peak in his last autumn holidays from school before starting to study computer science in a year. Just like his brother *sighs proudly*.  Friday I collected my pregnant friend and her 3 year old daughter, then Tobi just to meet up with her husband and Dave for a nice family evening. They´re not blood related but we love them as if they were. Sascha´s 9 months older than me and Laura´s 2 months older than Dave so we´re within the same ages. On Saturday we had a lil scare cos the 3year old Lotte fell out of her new bed and had to spend the weekend at the hospital. We went over to take her end-zone-pregnant mom home and stay with her for the night so her husband could stay with the girl.  When we brought mommy back the next morning the little rascal was beaming again. Tobi and I watched the kid on Wednesday, too, while her mother was at a doctor´s appointment. His girlfriend was over on Friday and stayed till Saturday so we brought them both home after our monthly StarWars Meetup.
On Tuesday I got THE CALL at 5am and rushed over to the hospital to get Lotte, stay with her, pick her Granny up from the train and wait for THE message. It was 2.30pm when they informed us Ariana had arrived (at 1.30, but that´s just fair to keep it a secret for an hour. Bonding time!) . We went back to the hospital and I was back home at 8pm. DAMN I was dead. The girl is really cute though and the name is not influenced by a young singer (yes, I know she´s inhumanly talented 😉 ). Wednesday was kind of a Mental Health Day for Dave who needed all  my attention cos we´re triggering the process to use his mother´s maiden name as a family name, she is as well (no the parents are NOT divorcing, she never wanted the name but when they got married it was the man´s decision which name was chosen.) She just wants her maiden name back. The current name is Schlesien and people are borderlining racist at times cos it sounds polish and it´s complicated to write and pronounce.  My name isn´t an option either, cos it´s close to an US Slang for inner blondeness (haaate it xD), spoken like a  certain film featuring Adam Sandler. People don´t get that either. The new name would be internationally save pronunciation and spelling wise. FINALLY!!!!! The process is a real pain in the arse in Germany though so please keep your fingers crossed for us.

For SL there´s news, too: Starting November 1st I will be the “Spam Manager” (hrhrhrhr, that´s PR Manager ^^) of Star Sugar and The Darkness accepted me as their blogger – yeeey^^.

You see – a lot has happened. I gotta catch up!

Stay tuned for more awesomeness soon,

take care,



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