La Dragoola

Hey Lovelies,

you know… when the moon rises I like to have a little magical potion, just as you humans like to have your coffee.


La Draghool_007

getting ready to start the night

La Draghool_006

this is actually quite comfy

La Draghool_005

Huh? Where´d the barkeeper go? Hello? Are you hiding?

La Draghool_004

I´m just kidding, I emptied him MUAHAHAHAHAHA




no.match NO BREATH @ Driftwood until Nov 5th
{Frick} Bat Eye
alaskametro<3 Black Magic and [PinkFuel] Sparkle &Shine layered and blended
Catwa Vampire Teeth
:Zombie.Suicide: Pumpkin Tongue piercing (tiinted)

POISON ROUGE Possession Collar @NEO JAPAN until Oct 20th
WestElm– Silver and Pearl Necklace
Her Geek Spot Leather Rocker Jacket – Classic Horror Pack
Lapointe&Bastchild SWEAR Gemma

Koffin Nails Black Gloss Glitter Tips

[ bubble ]  Magic Potion Bottle @Salem  until Oct 31st

Trompe L’oleil Nevaline Bar Poses included, altered with BlackDragon´s Animation Manipulator

BattleScars HORROR 7.0 at my SkyOffice

The Tunage I promised which inspired me to the name of this blog:

Yes, I  know you know this version of Mary and the Storm from my post with Clover 😉 .
(as usual all rights belong to the artists, their record labels and … those people who rightfully own the rights – I don´t own anything but admiration for the tunes!!)

take care,



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