So Vampires, huh?

Hello Lovelies,

today I´m back with …well we could say my annual halloween The Akasha Origins post.

Even I tend to forget that I´m originally a vampire. I don´t show it much – well when I did adult RP it sometimes shone through though my play-partners would only describe it as wild…bless their poor souls *chuckles*

But let´s talk about Vampires. Not all Vampires are mean assholes. Well I can be quite the arse but I do have humour. It´s quite dirty and often immature mind you, but I got a lot of it.

So Vampires huh_001

I also do have cats… yes, they´re black…

So Vampires huh_002

… but soooo fluffy…..

So Vampires huh_005

Hello there!

So Vampires huh_006

…time to get up and get going!!!

So Vampires huh_008

Oh…. and also never say no to Panda!!!

So Vampires huh_010

Skeleton Angel: “Ok Kasha that was not what I meant when I said suck me dry”  (ooopsies…. sorry?^^)



no.match NO REFUGE
{Frick} Bat Eye
Astara Hallowed Glitter
alaskametro<3 Black Magic
Catwa Vampire Teeth

Her Geek Spot Knotted Tank
-Eon- Latex Leggings
Koffin Nails Black Gloss Glitter Tips

Nerenzo Coffin V with Poses

MadPea The Hangar
MOoH! Black kitten Gacha @Driftwood until Nov 5th
MOoH! Skeleton Gacha @The Gacha Life until Oct. 31st

Retextured Platform

BattleScars HORROR 3.0 at my SkyOffice slightly altered with BlackDragon

But now it´s late… time to grab some drink… any volunteers? I´ll try to stop earlier this time… I promise!!

Take care,



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