It´s finally here

Hello Lovelies,

YEEEY we made it to Octobre. Awesome, isn´t it? Scary, huh? Another year is in its final stage, the next one – a very exciting one in RL – is peeking  round the corner and waving already. As you know Dave and I will get married on May 16th. After that and the beucratical aftermath of that I REALLY do hope our RL slows down a bit… for a while? Maybe? Pretty please?  But for now… it´s HALLOWEEN time. I´ve raided the current events, DAMN Salem was “bad”… my bank account keeps kicking my arse, but… STUFFS! I think I´m gonna raid the next ones that are starting, too – just not as bad.

Its finally here_001Its finally here_005

Foxy Maeve at Salem
[PinkFuel] HyperGlitz Winged and Sparkle and Shine

+Half-Deer+ Mewnificent Black Corset Ears at Salem
FAKEICON Mary gems at FaMESHed

1313 Mockingbird Lane Delirium Dress at The Black Fair (opening Oct. 5th) and Canvas Sneakers at The Dark Style Fair (opening Oct. 6th)
amias NADIA Rare
Juicy Tarts Pumpkin
{anc} my umbrella Rare at Salem
{Luxuria} Batty Thigh Highs at Salem

DaD Let´s Party Skully! at Salem
LAGOM. Flowy Fall Leaves and Sparkle Dust
TLC Bats at Salem

Pose altered from my Tuty´s Enchanting Woman AO via BlackDragon´s Animation Manipulation

BattleScars 9.0 WAVES at my SkyOffice

Hmmm… you could think I´ve raided Salem… Yeah I might have done that…  Now let´s see what else is new… ohh yeah, unfortunately I had to quit my jobs at :.C!L.:Boutique, this does NOT infer with my personal relationship with Cilia, I still love her and we´re still sisters but the professional interests vary too much.
On a more positive note: I HAZ A CELLO!!! It´s called Honey and I love her and you´ll see piccies, soon 😉

take care,

love, Kasha

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