Autumn Times

Hello Lovelies,

today I´m quite tired and lazy so I´ll just quickly show you a very early-autumny outfit by MOoH! – HAZEL:

Autumn Times_002

And that necklace you ask? That´s called Wicked Grin (there´s also a dress by the same name 😉 ) as you can see in the stylecard – but I gotta show you the hud it comes with:

Wicket Grin Necklace

Style Card:

Standards (new: Catwa Kathy 4.0 Update, HD Lips)
Magika – Keira
::After Midnight Fashion:: Wicked Grin Necklace
MOoH! Hazel
Blueberry FLF 7/19 StockingsPack

DeathRowDesigns Autumn Log Camp PG (Sofa) with included poses

BattleScars 22.0 – TWO WAY @ My Retreat (LH Home)

Ok, as I said I´m quite tired and it´s Valkyrie time later, my 2nd Officer isn´t available today so I might actually have to do stuff… WAHHH..I need to rest before the mission starts 😉

take care,



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