Heart of Roxette

Hello Lovelies,

today´s post was planned to be super cool, biker chic, you name it. But then I had a different inspiration. Someone posted a pic with quite the sad description about having a down day. So I linked her the new video of The Piano Guys which helped me relax a LOT. Both the video, the song and The Piano Guys in general (thanks, Guys, though I don´t assume you´ll ever read this 😉 ) I´ll link the video further down the post.

*coughs and clears her throat* Anyways. Now MOoH! released a new GroupGift for September – and trust me – you want to grab it! NAOW! It has a LOT of perks to join the group… think a Raffle, a 150L$ GiftCard,  LuckyChairs….and YES that´s on a regularly recurring basis – we´re talking monthly!  Yep, all of it. Dalriada is that generous. So the 100L$ JoinFee is… well regained immediately – along with extras. Not bad a deal, eh?

Anyways – this month´s GG is “Roxette“.

I listened to my heart…. and grabbed the “Heart of me” Cello by LOVE from this week´s stipend.  As a passionate lover of New Age Classical music and the Cello, in particular, I still think it can rock as well so it was obvious it would be introduced in this post as well.

Heart of Roxette_006

This is my RL feeling right now, though my cello isn´t even in sight yet. Unlike the awesome Skull on the back of Roxanne´s Jacket…

Heart of Roxette_001

… The pants are scruffed up in several areas, giving them a quite work out look….

Heart of Roxette_004

… Now look at that soft leather not limiting your movement….and OH the sensation once you start to get sound out of this wonderful instrument. It actually vibrates and really comes alive in your arms. It´s wonderful! …Plus it´s even comfier to hug than a guitar and I might have slept holding my guitars in my arms. Not at the same time but through different nights…  Don´t forget to notice the lovely necklace, please. It´s the first attempt at jewellery by Eleanor of West Elm. I love how sublte, clear, yet not boring it is.

Style Card:

Standards (new: Catwa Kathy 4.0 Update, HD Lips)
Magika – Keira
WestElm – Silver and Pearl Necklace
MOoH! Roxette GroupGift September, Backprint Hud (black or Skull and roses rhinestones )
!79! Onyx

SIMPLY DVYNE Photography & Poses – Reaching
Catwa Animations C Hud
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Cherry Blossom (With Trees & Sun) (Rez)

BattleScars 12.0 – CAN`T STOP THE FEELING @ Backdrop City
Now for the Video I promised you earlier:

I do SO not own anything but a strong love for this song!

Original Track by Lewis Capaldi (yep, he´s related to Peter Capaldi who was The Doctor in Doctor Who until recently…)

Rearranged by The Piano Guys

Starring in the Video:

Piano: Jon Schmidt

Cello: Steven Sharp Nelson

Dancers: Charity and Andres

I hope you enjoy the outfit, the song and whatever is left of your day.

Take care,





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