A Sunny afternoon in the Backyard with Rowan

Hello Lovelies,

I´m back for another post. This time I want to let you know I´ve scored a traditional LindenHome House yesterday and spent the whole day setting it up. The office parcel in Seadramon is sold, too. So that´s that.
Now, I would love to introduce you to  a store that is FAR from new and I myself have plenty of her stuff. But she added new textures that are so super lovely. Anyways – Meet Magika! Sabina Gully is one of the best hair creators out there, one of these safe stores that you can raid completely and be sure you have bought high quality.



See how it shines?


But now I´m tired after a busy day….


It almost has my RL length, too *-*


Style Card:

Magika – Rowan
~Ottilie~ Daily Eyeshadow Smokey and Matte or Glossy Lipstick
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb

Solar Eyewear – Castor
NIU – Vikings warrior Sleeve

e-marie  Cupcake Necklace @Uber 5th Birthday Gift

Nord Embel’Lys Caresse de Valentin Bracelett (another Uber Gift 😉 )
Blueberry – SL16B Gift – Bang
adorsy – Penny
Eudora3D Leigh

:Cheeky Pea: Boho Dreamtime Hammock with inbuilt props and poses
Catwa Animations

BattleScars – PREMIUM – CLOUDS – Lucy – 6.0 (altered) @my LH Retreat 

ok that´d be all for today ;).

Take care,



3 thoughts on “A Sunny afternoon in the Backyard with Rowan

  1. I’m going to have to check her hair out next month. I’m still trying to find hair like my RL hair–Just to the top of my boobs, straight on the top but naturally curly at the bottom.

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