Hello Lovelies,

ok, I planned to make it short but… it ain´t gonna happen with this post, sorry. So please take a comfortable position and grab some beverage, maybe a snack. Ready? Good. Now where to start? Hm….. Ah! I know…:

Now upon joining the Bellisseria Groups I noticed my (currently inactive designwise btw) sponsor Rebellah D´Arcy – Streeter is very active. We started to talk and hang out more, along with Dreamer Pixelmaid, a blogger collegue who blogged for Cilia a while ago. At one point Bellah mentioned, that she just opened a group called “Bellisseria Witches and Naturalists“(Clubhouse). Needless to say both Dreamer and I were all in for it. It was quite handy that my deadline for ..::OA-M.E.O::.. came poking into my uncomfortable zone. I´ve seen the Dark Forgotten Greenhouse Gacha several times while looking through the available items but now I had the perfect idea!
Once I had requested the Greenhouse a little blue popup notified me there´d be new items from MOoH!, too. Yep, you´re getting a little “behind the scenes today, too…”. When I looked I was double-happy: a) Dalriada is participating in Enchantment´s newest mischief: King Arthur. Both the event item and the hunt item just fit so great with my witchy plan.

It gets even better:

I ran into a little twisted store the other day – well Avery, my blogger manager at MOoH! posted it and it looked tempting: ::AfterMidnightFashion:: – I just HAD to apply and I got accepted. So thank you again and welcome Mel “Firewall”Eldritch (sweetmel81) as my most recent sponsor. Mel is also more on the witchy side so it was an even better match to introduce her with such an exclusive support.


Witch (4)

Once there was a Witch in her dark greenhouse…

Witch (3)

…she loved waking up in the middle of nature to collect herbs and other ingredients for her potions and spells…

Witch (5)

…when she came back she sat down to reflect on her findings….

Witch (6)

…then walked around her little den  for more inspiration…

Witch (2)

….what will she come up with? You never know… be prepared!



KUNI Maria
#ADORED sticky shadow vibrant prism edition
~Ottilie~ Matte or Glossy Lipstick
UnorthodoxUnderworld Peter Pan Nails

~Nerido~ Noir Choker
::AfterMidnightFashion:: Jess @ The Darkness until August, 28th, 2019
[CerberusXing] Lance Bracers Femme
**Real Evil** Sereia Bracelets
Blueberry FLF 7/19 Stockings
Abrasive frail Fishnets
::Pharmacist:: Kuro Creepers

..::OA-M.E.O::.. DarkForgottenGreenhouse
MOoH! Wizard´s Den for Enchantment King Arthur until Sept. 1st, 2019 (50L/pull 😉 )

MOoH!  Tray with Owl for Enchantment King Arthur HUNT until Sept.1st., 2019
Heart – WILDWOOD – Witch Forest – Black Oak

BattleScars – PREMIUM – CLOUDS – Ilinois – 5.0 (altered) @Home Skyplatform

Tuty´s Enchanting Woman AO

But there´s even more: both my life situations are changing massively…and then don´t. On the weekend Dave and I deceided we´d stop hunting down houses and stay here in Aachen for the time being. After his promotion and becoming a PhD of Computer Science we will move, but until then … fuck that! We´ll be storing my furniture in our cellar and put some here (I´ll get my desk back … I miss my huge desk!!!). NOW! I´ve been very mopey last week and cried almost the whole weekend (because it won´t be done until Dec 1st so we could have a quiet last christmas as an unmarried couple). Sorry for that. I´ve been feeling so left out and empty. I ditched my Houseboat, am on the “hunt” for a new spot in Bellisseria (having the water  or land nearby would be nice for photos but land access is more important so I can walk around or skate or ride… most important: I want the neighbourhood to be active. I don´t need solitude in Belli, I have peace and quiet time at home.
For the very same reason I put my office plot up to sale. I know, but it´s just another parcel I´m hardly at anymore, usually alone and surrounded by fugly buildings. The saddest part was leaving Violet Durn, my sweet neighbour from across the street behind. Especially as she just came up with a new idea: she put up several booths and asked me to decorate one of them as a gallery of my favourite pics of myself:

Booth Violet_001

The official opening will be soon, but this is a sneak peak *grins*. Now as we were talking about me ditching the office and feeling lonely she offered to adopt me. Wow! I like her very much and all, she´s fun, supportive, creative, reliable – and an actual mommy type. So… I haz a mommeh, finally! I´ve always dreamt about having parents in SL, there´s no shoulder to lean on when feeling blue like a parent´s shoulder!

Phew, ok I think you´re up to date now so I´ll leave you alone for now!

Take care,



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