Do I belong here?

Hello Lovelies,

today it´s gonna be a rather uncommon post for me – you won´t see me. WHAT?  Yes, I know, but Dalriada came up with such a lovely unicorn Gacha for Driftwood…I didn´t want to steal their show.


Items used:

MOoH! Driftwood Unicorns @Driftwood until Sept 4th, 2019

[Dysfunctionality] Orchard Trees
*CSF Celeste.Sanct Snappy Grass
PrimPossible Plattform 64×64

BattleScars PREMIUM – STARS – PREMIUM 1.0 (altered) @ Home(Sky) 

These are the white versions but as you can see there are many more:MOoH! Unicorns2 gacha

The price is 50L a pull which is the most common price I´ve come across recently, a great price for awesome quality 😉

So, why did I choose the ones I did? Simple! Sometimes I am surrounded by people and while we all seem to be alike and I´m actually included and not standing on the sideline… I feel out of place and weird. Also I have this love for My little Pony: Friendship is magic and while Fluttershy is my favourite I do love Queen Crysalis, who is a black unicorn with blue hair, too.

Now my lovelies, run over to Driftwood, may your Gacha-finger be lucky and you get the unicorn(s) of your dream.

Take care,



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