Going out with Gemma

Hey Lovelies,

damn this weekend has been MAD!!!!! I´ve wrapped up the post on how I can´t people for the Bellisserian´s 5th edition, then we wanted to head over to the other appartment. Now… it was raining and I´m quite phobic and paranoid about wet clothes recently (amongst tons of other things… I need my life to calm down so my psyche stops acting up.. it won´t until next year though…*sighs*). So we cancelled all plans for the weekend and went over on Sunday night (1AM), when it finally stopped.
On Monday we headed to Cologne to test some suits that had been tailored for us to wear at a family wedding in September. Mine was HORRIBLE! I won´t go into details here but if there was a way to get the money back I´d tell them to stuff their suit somewhere dark. Tuesday to yesterday we spent at Frankfurt Airport, dropping the inlaws and brother in law so they could go to Asia. The hotel room we had booked was super awesome – runway view and all that *-*. Now we´re back home and Dave´s come down with some virus, nailing him to the bed with a fever. Poor him.
Being home means catching up though.
Talking bout catching up. I didn´t hurry to get into the current UBER round cos it´s their 5th birthday. Which is awesome but also the expected madness. (Damn that bitching about the sims being full is annoying…stop that, seriously!) This morning I went in on first attempt, grabbed all those gifts and some more items and then I finally managed to style this lovely outfit Lapointe & Bastchild have created for Uber´s birthday. Uber staff, you´ve created something magical again with this one! Mad Respect!

Going out with Gemma_002

Style Card:

eXxEsS Anguria
Ottilie Daily Eyeshadow Colourpop
alaskametro<3 noelle Lipstick
CAZIMI Aurora Nails (Uber 5th Birthday Round till August 22nd, 2019)

Vinyl August Necklace (Uber 5th Birthday Gift)
Lapointe&Bastchild SWEAR Gemma Jeans and Leather Jacket (Uber 5th Birthday Round)
Native Urban Toulouse Sneakers (Uber 5th Birthday Round)

Akaesha Design ReACT Bar+ inbuilt props and poses

Satomi´s 2016 PHOTO CUBE Peaches and Lavender (altered) @sPUNK Rock Club

Now go grab all those gifts and awesome releases and drink to many years of UBER to come.

take care,



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