Hanging Out

Hey Lovelies,

you might have noticed… I´m taking it A LOT slower recently! Even slower now cos…

I SCORED A HOUSEBOAT ON FRIDAY!!!! Not in the release mind you! That was complete and utter madness – and still is! DAMN those people are getting more and more toxic. So once I claimed one I decorated to make sure I can hop in my little pool. We´re usually not supposed to use it for anything commercial, so I won´t blog here (much^^ love ya, Patch^^*waves*) and REALLY use it as  a hangout, recreational home away from my rented home (which I opened up, too…^^). You´re free to come over and say hi though  😉

And I just noticed : THIS IS MY 100TH POST ON WORDPRESS! YEEEEY!!!


Hanging out_002

Tequila of 1313 Mockingbird Lane came up with this super cute bathing suit that´s hardly more than a bikini 😉 and it´s for Mad Pea´s Pet Fair. There are some SUPER cute items that have been released for it… DAMN it´s tempting … My poor budget… As usual you get a whole bunch of textures in a lovely hud 😉 CHECK! IT ! OUT!!! 😉



Truth Horizon
#ADORED glossed up shadows
alaskametro<3 beachcomb mani and pedi
1313 Mockingbird Lane Menagerie Swimsuit (@ MadPea Pet Fair until July 20th!)

Astralia – Floating fairy (with inbuilt poses)

.:NAMASTE:. Linden Houseboat Deck and Pool

BattleScars – PREMIUM – CLOUDS – ILLINOIS 11.0 altered @ my new Houseboat *-*

Ok, back to relaxation for me as the humid heat is gone and I can enjoy the sun again!

Read you soon 😉

Take care,



2 thoughts on “Hanging Out

    • RIGHT? and everybody became so toxic!! There´s someone bitching and whining – they don´t see that everybody sees one of them every 2 minutes in the Bellisseria groups… They don´t see how many are trying along with them… they whine and then call you bitch for rolling your eyes once sighs it´s not nice right now… Can´t wait for everybody to have gotten one, swapped them for a “better” place and things calming down

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