Have a little patience!

Hey Lovelies,

Along with the huge bunch of premium folks who make grabby hands at the Bellisseria homes I need some patience. And holy cow I need a lot of it! Both with claiming a house and with the constant bitching and whining of the others who are not as calm about it. Yes I curse and mope a bit everytime a house slips through my fingers, but that´s about it.

Talking about cows. Our favourite cow of MOoH! Dalriada came up with a lovely summery dress:

Meet Lisanna. Now, this her current GG for the Teleport Hub Group, which is 10L to join. That´d be a steal deal on it´s own, but nuh-uh!! You get a hud of 6 colours! Yep, you read that right!

Style Card:

Truth Horizon
#ADORED glossed up shadows
alaskametro<3 beachcomb mani and pedi
MOoH! Lisanna <- Teleport Hub Gift (10L to join)

Tuty´s Enchanting Woman AO

BattleScars 6°Republic Nov 2018 Gift 1 altered @ Bellisseria Fairgrounds

Now run to grab this awesome gift 😉

Talk to you soon!

Take care,





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