Comfy Summer

Hey Lovelies,

sorry for being silent so much recently but DAMN its crazy these days. I really needed to unwind after the Take That concert – and every muscle in my body hurt! But it was awesome.
The first heatwave of the year has hit us, too, recently so I´m lacking energy and to be honest my inspiration seems to be on holidays recently. It will come back eventually so I won´t stress out and blog as much as I want, keeping an eye on the deadlines of course. I like them keep a distance of sight at minimum, not being able to bite my arse.
That includes checking back on Blogotex eventually so I can grab some awesomeness occasionally to show to you guys. Which is what I´m doing today:

Comfy summer_001


Style Card:

Truth Horizon
alaskametro<3 Noelle Makeup and Beachcomb mani- and pedicure
..::OA-M.E.O::.. Heyet (at Suicide Dollz until the 28th ) and Nael (at SWANK until the 30th)
Tuty´s Enchanting Woman AO

BattleScars PREMIUM STARS PREMIUM 3.0 Dusky Morning altered @
Catfish Derby on Bellisseria

So be quick and grab the awesomeness!! I´ll be watching Patch Linden´s appearance on SL16B´s Meet the Lindens. I love his posts and his availability so I just HAD to come and see him in person *-*. On that note: The Bellisserian No.3 is out today and there´ll be a special edition later today (probably  tomorrow for me 😉 )

take care,



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