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Hey Lovelies,

the end of last week was filled with cramps and tummy pain, I´ve had a wonderful weekend though: I saw the Piano Guys in Düsseldorf on Saturday (go see them, they´re killing it on stage!!), followed by 2 days trooping at FedCon (Federation Convention, a StarTrek/SciFi Con at the Maritim Hotel in Bonn). I´ve posted pics on my SL FB – yes, in costume, yes, one´s without the helmet, too 😉

So the Con Blues hit me hard and I had to get over that, had a meh day on Wednesday and yesterday I was just so busy preparing this weekend and shooting Cilia´s new ads.

Anyways, today I´m back with another article for The Bellisserian, whose second issue was released this Monday. Isn´t it awesome? Maybe this humble article of mine will make it into the third issue, which will be released Monday, June 24th, 2019. That will be the date the new LL changes will be effective btw (premium prices go up, 10 more groups, …) You´ve read it all by now, I´m sure! There were some emotional discussions all over the GroupChats and any SL-related medium really.

Talking about emotions. Let´s get to my favourite one: LOVE!

June is Pride Month, you might have heard it somewhere by now. There are events in… I guess any life, SL doesn´t skip on that and has it´s own Pride Festival that will start today.

Of course I couldn´t let this opportunity slide to write about it, too. Yep, that´s one of the few “trendy” things I cannot let past me for a variety of reasons. It might appear weird, that I jump on this so badly. Me, a boring “cis”  hetero female. Now this cis , I learned, stands for classic. I was born female and identify myself as female. I might not like it and be VERY ashamed of other females, not getting along with a huge percentage of them, but I don´t feel male or anything. As we all know I´m in a heterosexual relationship but my first one was with a girl. She was into me and I thought it was worth a try, guys seem to be into it. Yes, my reasons were that low, I was 18 and getting desperate. Pear pressure and all that shit. I´ve been bullied enough by then… I didn´t really love her, fingernails are not good in all those places *whinces at that thought* and… after 8 months I knew for sure: I´m straight, hetero, into guys. I wouldn´t want to miss the attempt though and there actually are women I do have a very deep feeling for. Not necessarily romantic or sexual, but yeah. When I put dear Kasha in celibacy my SL Sexlife stopped… I know, Captain Obvious, but I keep saying if ANYTHING is ever going to happen again it is with a very dear friend of mine and her partner. You know her well by now,  I hope you´re following her blog, too. Ladies and Gentlemen, wave at the incredible Clover Jinx. Now we planned to do a collab on this, but RL keeps her busy this morning. She´s getting a tree and greens are important so there is no way I could even be mad or sad! TREEs ROCK!!! Plant trees and other plants if you can ;). Plants add not only oxygen but an awesome variety of colours to our life which is good for Mother Earth and our soul. Speaking of colours – Pride month is a very colourful month and you get all those awesome rainbow stuff in SL and RL (unfortunately some just do it cos it´s trendy – let´s focus on those who actually celebrate diversity 😉 )


Love is love and only Love_001

you can wear the Cami as a “dress” – that´s a bit more on the skimpy side and with the hud it offers you a variety of fabric choices – some would be very appropriate for a kajira or some other RP^^)

Love is love and only Love_004

Both the Eyeshadow and the lipstick are one of the VIP GG´s of Nar Mattaru – the Group is 149L to join but  that´s quite the steal for 4 Gifts, eh?


I´m wearing:

Truth Horizon
<Nar Mattaru> Pride Eyeshadows & Lip GG
#ADORED Holosexual Mani & Pedi

1313Mockingbird Lane – Savette Cami @ Midsummer Enchantment until June 30th
*Beautiful Dirty Rich* All in 1 Jeans Pocket 2 former GG
Pure Poison – Steph Sandals (they´re part of a bunch of dollarbies on PP´s MP 😉 )

LindenHomes – Garden Bench With Cushions White with Poses ( I swear it´s a community spot not private property 😉 )
(SS) Atmospheric 12:00 cloudy altered at Fourze from The Bellisserian TP List using


Now as we´re talking of relationships, gender and sexuality. Have you seen all these new categories, identities, groups? DAMN it´s confusing. Regarding my current knowledge and information I´m a Cis Woman, heterosexual, demisexual (means I won´t feel sexual attraction without knowing a person and having an emotional bond with them – maybe that´s why my 4 OneNightStands were a fuckin waste of time in retrospective…). Now there´s aromantic, asexual, queer, gay, genderfluid, oh so many. Here´s a list of all those colourful flags and I don´t promise it´s complete! It is interesting, confusing, scary and somehow it causes great insecurity in me. Yes, I know, that´s easy – thanks for reminding me… – but anyways. On the one hand I try to be considerate, on the other hand I try not to care too much. While I said it is interesting (and it is) – it doesn´t matter at the end of the day. We´re all humans and if I like you I like you – if I don´t  your orientation, gender, the colour of the pigments of your skin, hair and eyes won´t help you being  liked after all. But then that goes for animals, too. If you´ve got 4 legs and let me pet you chances are high I like you VERY much and will do so as long as I can.
That being said I do have people from …that community? The LBGT+(QLGBTA+? What? ABCDE+? What are the right, appropriate letters – ARGH, Rainbow? Colourful flags)… Community/ies – HALP – anyways!

I´m surrounded by these wonderful diverse, vibrant piles of DNA, awesome creatures. They´re part of my family, they´re in the 501st, they were in my job training back in the days, I´ve met them out and about or online, in SL, on FB, in forums, chats, in my beloved german StarWars IRC Roleplay
They´re enhancing my life in so many ways. They´re gay, bi, poly, asexual, transgender, genderfluid. They´re my friends!

And then there´s other bloggers I have yet to meet inworld, but they´re so informative and interesting to read: Tiffany Parkin , Paradox Messmer, SLGBT Alliance, Virtually Sheree, Clover JinxSammy Lovecraft

While I have this strong belief that you shouldn´t have to come out and if you decide to  there shouldn´t be more uproar than a “ah, k” reaction we all know this isn´t the truth. So many are afraid, scared to death and sometimes into death to come out, to be who and what they are. And for quite a number there are valid reasons to feel that way! Isn´t that just horrible? It makes me sad, mad and so much more. This title was  inspired by a song recently released by Sarah Connor, a German singer, “Vincent” (Spotify, Youtube, English translation of the lyrics – not the best one but you´ll get the idea) – as usual I do not own any rights to this song. I´ve recently read an article ( Second Pride is a great group for info and community) about people quickly putting their flags away after some Pride Celebration so they won´t be attacked on their way home. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? It shook me to my core. All the names of my friends and relatives stormed through my mind. To think of one of them going through this… Now I didn´t have the courage or mental stability to ask them for interviews but maybe I dare to give them the link once this entry is posted and they comment, tell you their experiences?
Or maybe YOU, my lovely, whom I haven´t met yet (hi there!*waves*) want to comment with your experiences, your story…
Have you gone through bullying? Have you lost your family (can I adopt you as family?) because you came out/were outed?
I don´t care who you are, what you are, who you love or fuck and when  – as long as it´s consensual (consensual unconsent included for all those kinky fuckers out there 😛 I know it´s a thing, still, be safe!!) . It´s ok to have a dick, it´s not ok to be one! Always remember that!
The only thing I ask of you is to tell me what to call you. What name do you want me to remember you by? What pronoun? If you have more than one tell me what it is today. It´s ok if it´s a girl-day for you or a boy-day or a can´t decide-day. Just please spear me the embarassment of fucking up the pronouns, ok 😉  Shiny!

Now with those words I´ll release you into the wild. Wow this has probably been my longest post ever *laughs* but…it had to be done! Thanks for reading!

Take care,





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