And Melora´s madness started to rise…

Hello Lovelies,

ok…first of all… I will not take the responsibility of ANYTHING that happens after I click publish! I might summon some nasty…or some fun demons with this post! And you know what? I DON`T CARE! It HAS to be done, trust me!

I give you: the unholy trinity – designer edition – of my SL:

The Naughty Cat Lady : Miss Tequila Mockingbird of 1313 Mockingbird Lane

The Crazy Cowgirl: Dalriada Delwood of MOoH!

The Wicked Witch: Melora Frost of Petite Mort and Oubliette

Now… what do those 3 have in common you ask? Beside awesome stuff in their stores? Well my lovelies, let me explain: This lovely crotched jacket is by MOoH! (the top is included ;)) and the pants are made by Tequila (aka Izzy Lane btw^^) and are named after Melora. Yep, I did my homework and checked back with Izzy.
You might have noticed that Izzy and Dalriada have been talking on my cheesy FB post the other day and maybe, just maybe I´ll be lucky enough to blog for Melora´s stores (or at least one of them^^) some day. I mean, don´t get me wrong! Her stuff is so awesome that I´ll blog it anyways (:P), but I mean… officially *grins*

Imagining the three of them together, maybe even plotting, makes me nervous I have to admit, but on the other hand it makes me squee with glee and I´d love to sit and listen *chuckles*. Popcorn anyone?


And Meloras thoughts started to rise (2)

 I´m quite sensitive when it comes to touching fabric, especially wool (I bet Rose is made from either cotton or bamboo-wool – soooo soft *-*, and Melora just CAN´T be made of that scratchy, nasty lace-stuff… I bet it´s the soft silky kind of lace!!! With the panties being soft and comfy, too). To keep my feet safe out there REIGN. jumped in just at the right moment (again) with their release of Tommy for their Saturday Sale.

And Meloras thoughts started to rise (1)

Have you seen that pattern? That lovely crotcheted pattern? I gotta ask my mom if she would do a jacket like this for me…HMMMM…


Truth Horizon
#ADORED glossed up shadows super chic edition and Holosexual mani

MOoH! Rose vest and top
1313 Mockingbird Lane Melora Leggings
REIGN. Tommy

Pewpew! Bristol Chair – Black/Beige with poses

BattleScars PREMIUM CLOUDS ILLINOI S3.0 altered @Puddlechurch

Jokes aside though, I went for a rather calm mood this time and when I searched for a nice café I came across the Sim of Puddlechurch. I sure will be back, sorry for the staff lady in the café, I saw you but I didn´t have time to RP, I´ll come say hi next time. They do have rentals and I´ve read on a FB by Alienmaus van Allen (here) that you can roam around pretty freely. Still I´d like you to remember that one rule that always helps “It´s OK to HAVE a dick, but it´s not ok to BE one!” I´m pretty sure you guys know this and act accordingly anyways 😉

Ok, lovelies I´ll go catch some sunrays on the balcony , I´ve been up VERY late (till 3.30) watching the Miss SL Finale – congrats again Dara Quinn – and got up at 9 ….  so…

take care,



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