Rosey Lunchbreak

Hey Lovelies,

so it´s lunchtime and I´m hungry… Now I remember Pascal Kira telling me about this new RP Sim he had opened. City of Roseville, huh? That sounds urban and urban places have places where you can get food! BINGO! I went over and took a little stroll around the wonderful 2 sims (a 3rd one coming soon, I´ve been told ;))  when I ended up here:


Rosey lunchbreak_006

Slice of Life, huh? Whoever came up with that name: I love you! Do you others get the reference?

Rosey lunchbreak_003

Going through some notes while staring at the beautiful tulips and waiting for my pizza to arrive, Ellnique´s former Groupgift guarding my eyes from the bright sunlight.

Rosey lunchbreak_005

PHEW!!! That was delicious but … I need a nap… Thankfully L&B´s Naomi is super comfortable and the green leather doesn´t heat up too much. (I can´t guarantee that for the darker colours though ;). MOoH!´s Dawn is a great shirt for this weather and the colour options on the Hud bend it into the perfect companion for any kind of outfit 😉 REIGN.´s Sansa ballerinas are so light and comfy  …my feet don´t even hurt the slightest bit…

Rosey lunchbreak_010

 … so I didn´t even bother taking them off at the beach *-*


Style Card:

Truth Horizon
#ADORED glossed up shadows super chic edition and Holosexual mani and pedi

Ellnique Glasses Groupgift
MOoH! Maddy Outfit Dawn
Lapointe&Bastchild Naomi Leather Pants
REIGN. Sansa Flats

{what next} Hampton set with decor tray and inbuilt poses
Tiki Tattoo – Mattress oil and Umbrella Fabric – HIBISCUS RED – MESH and inbuilt poses

Tuty´s Enchanted Woman

Satomi´s 2017 Sunrays altered @City of Roseville, Slice of Life Pizzaria

You should REALLY come over and see for yourself, lots of RP Job-positions, private rentals and shops are vacant 😉

take care,



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