The Night is full of Fire and Blood

Good evening Lovelies,

I told you I´d be back with more awesome news.
Today I was minding my own business, preparing MOoH!tiful belated GothDay when a notice popped up, stating that I had been accepted as a 1313 Mockingbird Lane blogger.

Yep, you read that right! I freaked out SO hard cos I´ve mentioned before that I follow Izzy´s work since… forever really… Since she first started with P3. You guys have no idea what that means to me and I hope I do her justice.  I never thought I´d stand a chance. *coughs*
Ok… erm.. yeah… let´s start with the first official post then 😉
Being quite the Nerd Izzy released the 7 Kingdom Nighties Gacha for May´s Enchantment round which follows a Game of Thrones theme. It´s pretty obvious if you ask me cos one of the best series came to her untimely end last Monday.
As you all know my cats are called Arya and Daenerys  and… I won´t spoil but if you´ve seen the finale you know why I started with this one.
I will feature some of the others (possibly all of them sooner or later XD) in later posts. By the way – they make great shirts, too 😉 )


The Night is full of fire and blood_001

There´s not much better to wake up to a firey sky  and be greeted by your beloved dragons when you step out.


Style Card:

Truth Horizon
#ADORED glossed up shadows super chic edition and Holosexual mani

1313 Mockingbird Lane 7 Kingdom Nighties Gacha Collection @Enchantment until June 3rd

*!R.O.!* Mother Of Dragons

Annan Adored Dark Red sky altered@home

Q Creations Waterfall Island
DaD Design’s Palm Upright
REAL WAVES – Mode Simple

Now I´m really tired (and slightly hungry, I´ll have the rest of our delicious Zoodles with Lentil-bolognese before bed, naughty me 😉  – the challenge is almost over btw – 1 week to go). I won´t be on tomorrow but I´ll be back on Sunday – if you´re in Europe please remember to vote in the elections if you haven´t already ;).

Sleep tight and take care,



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