MOoH!tiful belated GothDay

Hey Lovelies,

no, of course I did not forget World Goth Day on Wednesday. Ok, I´m a shite liar – I forgot it… SORRY ;-; What I did NOT forget is to join the MOoH! Group when I was there for the Enchantment Hunt (it ends on June 3rd 😉 ). Now their GroupGift is a GiftCard with 150L$ on it. With those 150L I bought the Melly tights (they´re 190 but PFFT … for me they were 40L that way 😉 basically free!) – THEY´re RIPPED!!!! AWESOME!!!

MOo!tiful belated GothDay (1)

I had to grab this dress – Betty – , too, for 3 reasons: it´s a cute rockabilly dress, it has a hud with 6 colour options which I will not show you just yet…. *chuckles* and well you know with my StarWars Costume I´m a TIE Pilot. Now the German female Pilots have formed a “web” called the Black Betty Bombshells 😉 

You see I HAD to do it! No I haven´t cashed in money btw I took it all from my Gacha resells.

MOo!tiful belated GothDay (2)

I´ve kept my makeup routine I had been wearing recently with [Pink Fuel]´s Sparkle and Shine Lipstick and #ADORED´s glossed up shadows in the super chic version.  I thought it was appropriate to add #ADORED´s holosexual nailpolish  to that. 

Oh and… you  might remember the Myriam gloves by [Marquesse] 😉


MOo!tiful belated GothDay (3)

GOSH how I love torn tights !!!


Style Card:

Truth Horizon
#ADORED glossed up shadows super chic edition and Holosexual mani

!Rebel Hope Valentine´s Heart Choker
MOoH! Betsy Dress and Melly tights
[Marquesse] Myriam Gloves
Lapointe&Bastchild SWear Patrol Boots
[ west end ] Bento Poses – Flickring – Pose 01
MINIMAL – Insomniac Dining Room

Satomi´s 2016 Dusky Morning altered at BackDrop City

I´ll be back with a shortie later tonight… it´s too important and I won´t be online tomorrow. GAH I´m excited!!! Back in a bit!!!

Take care,



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