First Impressions

Hey Lovelies,

so  how did you cope with the Flickr maintanance downage? Did you whine, like half SL did or did you get busy like I did?

Before and after the Black Spring Post I went on an application frenzy – let´s see if at least some were successful. Don´t worry it wasn´t uncalculated or out of greed, but for some stores I genuinly love. Now later on  I came across another very interesting opportunity: a new newspaper is opening: The Bellisserian. They were looking for bloggers, I applied and BAM I was in. So this is my first article for them.

As you …MIGHT… have noticed there are new houses and houseboats for premium users. SL´s Social Media was FULL of it – especially when the houseboats were all claimed within 28 minutes. Yes, MINUTES! That´s quicker than Take That´s Circus Tour. But then there´s way less houseboats than Take That tickets.

I was kinda taken aback by the whole situation, no deeding to group, not using your own security system, no these no that. Of course when I was hired as a blogger for the Newspaper  I visited  the HQ which is one of the new houses and went on a stroll from there.
It´s a rather suburbian environment they created with stunning landscaping textures. I sure as hell wouldn´t need a textured groundplate there.  The houses are placed thoughtfully so a lively  neighbourhood is created yet it doesn´t seem to be crammed.


May22nd 2019 Akasha Sternberg First Impressions (1)

You get a slight impression of both the houses and the houseboats. I didn´t take any detail pics cos when I visited I was alone and I didn´t want to intrude. If someone is interested I´ll gladly come back for  a homestory 😉

The houseboats are adjacent, yet there´s a sim crossing between the both of them.  With them being the latest craze  – if you got one… check your neighbours. There might be some very popular names around you. I´ve seen picks on FB that made my heart race with starstruck-ness.


May22nd 2019 Akasha Sternberg First Impressions (3)

Sometimes you find publig sitting spaces to hangout and socialize. You can see the sidewalk- and the grasstexture a bit better, too.

This time I stayed out of the picture (though I _HAVE_ to show you this outfit later *-*) and used the suggested windlight, unaltered. I want you to see the sim as LL has intended it to look for the first impression. I WILL be back and then I WILL do fancier pics *muahahahahah*


May22nd 2019 Akasha Sternberg First Impressions (4)

After ending my little stroll I sat on the little bench outside the HQ to rest my feet and enjoy some more of the scenery. Again I didn´t fiddle with windlights or sun positions here, I just set my photographics, which is ultra 😉

I went back for another stroll during the Flickr outage after doing some background work on here, I cleaned the categories and stuffs.
Now, well, let me know what you think. I really changed my mind and will add land to my premium to get either a house or a boat in the next release-wave.
As I mentioned before I´d be thrilled to be able to look at some from the inside.

Take care,





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