Black flowery spring

Hello Lovelies,

THE SUN IS OUT!! Oh my I have missed it…  so  I might take some photos later just… because I can – I mentioned starting to do that again so I better follow through 😉


black spring_008

But as it is actually warming up today I went for a stroll in the lovely sim of Countryside, I was there yesterday, too.

black spring_010

This time I went more “crosscountry” instead of sticking to the roads. Hence I put on my Patrol Boots (beside the fact that I´m madly in love with them *-* typical L&B item hehehehe) they keep my ancles and legs safe for most of the grassy parts . This lovely deer even let me rest on her arse for a little while.


Style Card:

Truth Kaijah
#ADORED glossed up shadows super chic edition

~Blacklace~ Sahra
L&B Swear Patrol Boots (on VIP  discount – 50% off – till the 25th)

Deer are on location
Tuty´s Enchanted Women

Satomi´s 2017 bright sun altered at SL Countryside

take care,



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