Getting comfy with Silke

Hey Lovelies,

I have been silent for a few days again but I haven´t been slacking. Yes, I´m wearing loungewear again but I´ll explain later.

First of all meet Silke:



Cheshire says hi (Cheshire or the German equivalent Grinsekatze is one of Dave´s nicknames^^)


I felt it´s time for moar kittehs after a while – and look at the amount of options you have!!


Style Card:

[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine

..::OA-M.E.O::.... Silke <– EXCLUSIVE for Suicide Dolls May 2019 round until the 17th

DaD Aeolus Lounger and Pergola, Cluster Palm Trees
Landscape Unlimited Off-Sim Corner Parcel Environment

Tuty´s Enchanting Woman

(SS)Atmospheric 08:00 cloudy2 altered at my home

Now… the explanation. I´ve redone some widget-layouts on this Blog, cleaned my Flickr Groups a bit, finally tackled and emptied the “sort” folder in my accessories and finally set up a Gacha Store for my Doubles (my Marketplace has some new stuff, too, but listing so many items – we´re talking around 200 here…oopsies! is so tedious.
Our diet is going well btw, we´ve survived the 3 days of potatoes and veggies and now it´s like kids in a candy store with all those vegan and non-vegan options. I do miss my pasta though *sniffs*..and all those fruit… But I´m able to move better and my ankles don´t swell up that badly anymore.

On a more personal note: I just texted with my mom to see if she´s planned anything for Mother´s Day on Sunday and she told me both Sam (Labby) and Paula (Pug) need to have surgeries. Sam for his teeth but he caught a fever, poor gramps at 13 years, and Paula needs to have her womb removed (WELP!!!! Tomorrow!) She´s 7. Keep your fingers crossed, everybody. I´ll have a sincere word with the guys up there telling them to not let anything happen to my fur-siblings!

I´ll be back later with some more goodies.

Take care,



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