Hey Lovelies,

Oh my I wanted to spend  the afternoon  on the  balcony, but DAMN I need to show you this:



Oh hello there…


Who came up with that Jedi-Scum Quote?!!!


Just kidding though! Let´s get to business…




This is [Marquesse]´s Queenie. The dress and the gloves are what you get. NOW! The fun fact is: Queenie is one of my RL Nicknames. Well Queeny but that´s nitpicking. My Chatname in the old times was Queen of Damned – which is Akasha´s title but that nick was taken for years. I claimed it eventually *muahahhahahaha*  So you can imagine I was quite stoked …

Style Card:

Leven Ink Tattoo Gloria
eXxEsS Anguria
.:Mai Bilavio:. GlamRock Collection Lovebug
alaskametro<3 Belladonna Nailpolish and Black Magic Lipstick (altered)

[Marquesse] Queenie Dress and Gloves
[Lei Motiv] Erin Booties

*PosESioN* Lay Her Editorial 4
*!R.O!* Force and Peace You
Catwa Animations Hud
Tuty´s Enchanting Beauty AO

The Bearded Guy – Afraid – ‘Are you Scared?
CB´s Rouge 3 altered at my Office


Oh by the way … As you might have noticed I´ve experimented over the last days… Not using the Teaser Pic in the actual Post, only uploading one of the pics to Flickr …. What do you think of that? Let me know?

Ok I´ll leave you alone for now *grins and coughs* HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!!!

Read you next week, stay safe!

Take care,


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