Easter Bunny

Hey Lovelies,


Easter Bunny

Without further ado I´ll take you to Feather, the home sim of MI.CO today. I´m wearing the Rabbit Overall which comes in 20 colours…

Easter Bunny1_001

…and as a little surprise you get this cute plush bunneh, too *-* (It´s SOOOOOOOOOOOO soft^^)

Now… Minchen says hi and  told me to tell you that tomorrow will start a hunt on her Sim.  So that hunt will run from the 19th to the 23rd (that´s next Tuesday^^)

The Hunt is FREE and will be in and around the shop. You don´t need to join the group (which is 99L$) – but we all know it can´t hurt *wink wink*

Easter Bunny1_003

Moaaaar Bunneeeehs

Easter Bunny1_004

This kawaii Animesh Usagi dances and greets you in front of the store *-*

Easter Bunny1_006

Yes it IS warm enough to go barefoot – at least in this sunny weather it is 😉 Love to feel the grass under my feet – plus it´s super good for you 😉 Especially if you will run around a lot …and trust me you will while hunting. Check every corner!  Thankfully you have AWESOME movement in this outfit.

Easter Bunny1_007

Phew… hunting can be exhausting. But luckily you can hop onto the big bunny, rest on it´s head and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You won´t even feel the overall as it´s so light and comfy.


Style Card

Leven Ink Tattoo Gloria
eXxEsS Juno
[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine
alaskametro<3 Belladonna Nailpolish and Daytime Eyeshadow
MI.CO Rabbit Overall (20 Colours) + Bunny

*!R.O.!* Believe
standard non AO Stand
Cara & Ella´s Heart full of Kisses

Landscaping by Varosh, you know him as an awesome blogger and blogger manager for ..::OA-M.E.O::.. and MI.CO (yep the whole bunch is a bunch of friends, german-speaking and super sweet and funny^^…fuckin nutcases ;* )

Now happy hunting, be save and take care,



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