Hello Lovelies,

I´m sure you´ve heard of the new event Flourish by now. It´s super awesome and everything costs between 70 and 99L$. Plus you might run into old friends there cos the designers can put out new colours of old items, too… I´ve teamed some of my finds up with some other freebies and cheapies so today it´s for the poor souls:



Kasha? KAAASHAAAA??!! Damnit Akasha, where are you, woman?!!


Ohhhh there you are!!!! – Yep I´m here. Namaste!


Looking all serene, huh?  Well even the weirdest nutcases need some downtime I guess…


But I just knew those pants had to be presented in an active way!


Who knew I´d witstand the temptations of those delicious chocolatey donuts? Who believed in me?


Style Card:

Standards *Updated!*
Leven Ink Tattoo Gloria
Rama West @Flourish <- open till May the 4th – that´s a sign I tell ya!!!*-*
[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine
alaskametro<3 Belladonna Nailpolish and Daytime Eyeshadow
^Upcycled^ Candy Necklace *freebie*
Lapointe&Bastchild SWEAR Lisette bralette @Flourish
FAKEICON Tommy @Flourish
!79! Onyx Addict

Apple Fall Hetton Barn Conversion *freebie* and Gay Pride Flag *Freebie MP*
Foxwood Incantation Tapestry Yellow and Hanging Plants large
CHEZ MOI Mandala Yoga Set and Poses, Hamburger Tray – and Barbecue Party
BlackJacK Vintage Floor Lamp
:CheekyPea: Book Decor Dollarbie and Bohemian Curtains Watercolour
DaD Aeolus BeanBag @Collabor88 April
DRD Vagabond Tapestry
dust bunny giant palm plant and potted dragon tree
.Lunaria. Season Changing Tree
Hayabusa Design Bo Maple
LittleBranch GoldenBirch
KaTink PhotoStudio
GOOSE Wall Sit Groupgift

FOXCITY Balance 3, 2, 5 Props included at my office

Seriously though…. I´m starving! I wasn´t feeling too good so I didn´t eat yesterday (on purpose to give my insides a thorough washing with tea and water) and today´s light food day. Lunchtime, too . It´s 1pm as I type this and I have to do the linking in the StyleCard and Promo before or I can´t enjoy my food XD. I better hurry now 🙂

take care,



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