Cilia gives us the warmth of spring

Hey Lovelies,

today I´m in a lazy mode. Actually I´ve been that way yesterday, too… Hence I didn´t manage to get the post out, so sorry*blushes*. Cilia on the other hand has been VERY good and she  pulled me to the posestand twice last week.

Have you seen the pics all over FB and Flickr? Show her some love she´s really working hard 😉

Anyways she did put out the April Group Gift AND she added a Gacha for 25L$/pull. That´s a very fair price I´d say.



Now this is Dorothy – the GroupGift. It is so pretty and light … I LOVE it!!! The Group Join Fee is 50L$, but we know that´s not much after all, is it?


Look at the frilly puffy little sleeves and how it hugs my body!!!


I´ve only slipped out of this  dress to do the Back to Goth Post and change into the Madame High set. It has the same paisley pattern just a tad more muted and I swear I´m still wearing the same Boots – the pants go right over them so you don´t need to worry about it and combine them with boots. These are two options in the Gacha btw, the shirt comes in several Polka Options, too.

Let´s hope we can pull the warmth out of their hiding with these items. Go check Cilia´s store to see it all and to play your heart out.


Style Card:

Standards *Updated!*
Stealthic – Sensual + Bangs Airy A
[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb Nailpolish and Daytime Eyeshadow
:.C!L.: Dorothy Mini Dress and Madame High Waist Pants Set
Dirty Princess – Lil Cowboy Princess

:CheekyPea: Boho Dreamtime Canopy (incl poses)
T-Spot Mesh – Line of Grass
Inverse – Multiseason Wood Patch and Cliff #2 with vegetation
DaD DESIGN “Victorian Sunrise Cottage”
LISP – Tree Seat Baa&Chirp
Reid – Bush – Season Change
3D Trees – Dog rose
[DDD] Orchard Tree – Apples
.:M.LAW:. Eloisa Set Garden iron chair one Pg
*CSF* Tall Sugar Grass
ArchiTech Design – Spring Tree Cluster of 4

Tuty´s Enchanted Beauty
(SS) Atmospheric 15:00 cloudy – altered at my home

Now I hoope you´ll understand that I won´t link my home, the access is set to my group Akasha´s Trusted Pack anyways unless I host a breakfast spontanuously 😉

take care,



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