Dark – Darker – Nora

Hello Lovelies,

The Force hasn´t been too strong with me this week, I´ve been having issues with my sleep pattern and Arya didn´t really think letting me sleep past 5.30 was an option. Alternatively she´d settle for waking me, then… once I was awake enough to not go back to sleep… she snuggles up my ribcage so I struggle to actually get up… ARGH!!!

Anyways… yesterday was a big day for me as a StarWars fan – Celebration Chicago launched with the Episode IX Panel. I won´t go into details on that but I saw friends from the German Garrison on the stream  (not that panel mind you but I know some where there… so jealous and proud….!!).

With my general tiredness I had some things piling up in my “blog” Folder but I lacked ideas on how to portrait them.  But I knew I´d get these outfits right after I calmed a bit after seeing the trailer.


Dark Darker Nora_001

The Empire landed and sent a sinister creature out

Dark Darker Nora_002

Do not cross her or she´ll cut you up like butter

Dark Darker Nora_003

Don´t worry she didn´t lower the sabre any further. She´s not a Skywalker after all 😉 


Style Card:

Standards *Updated!*
Stealthic – Sensual + Bangs Airy A
[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine
..::OA – M.E.O::.. Nora @Suicide Dolls
Blueberry Oakley Copper Body Chain
Pink Cream Pie Kore Leggings Uniombre pack
Dirty Princess Lil Cowgirl Princess Boots @Uber

Napalm Industries Lightsaber

Foxcity Old Town
Le Poppycock – Valiant one, Dreaded one and Elf kindred
Killer Twin Wing Fighter v.12 at my Office *muahahhahaha*

Did you see the teaser ? My RL FB is full of it while my SL…well anything really… could really nerd up a notch or 10 😉 COME ON 😛

Oh btw there´s a chance for you to be my neighbour!! Drop by the office and go have a look 😉

Take care,


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