The Jumpiness of Spring

Hey Lovelies,

today I just HAVE to show you what Cilia came up with for the Spring is in the Air Hunt which is starting on Sunday.  It´s a dollarbie, so even poor souls like me can afford it.

We gotta love Cilia for her generosity :* , maybe we should all pay more attention to designers who do that and at least leave a “hey, you rock, thanks for spoiling us” in local chat when we walk past them   (I tend to do that) and / or buy 1 – 2 things from them if possible (I tend to do that, too, if I´m a serial grabber in that store and/or I love what I see while I have some L$). You know – help them pay their bills.

*clears her throat* ok now let´s get back to the lightness of spring.
In German Spring is Frühling … and spring is the imperative and root of the verb to jump. Now we have a saying “der springende Punkt” (the jumping point) which is a rough equivalent to “the baseline is” (fellow Germans if you have better equivalents please put them in the comments^^). Maybe now you understand why I came up with the title for this post 😉


polkadot teatime_001

Today I went to the Burrow Coffee Co. and took the pics at their lovely outdoor area. I was introduced to this lovely place when the Forum Cartel folks held their weekly travelling breakfast here.

polkadot teatime_004

The dress is sooo light yet posh enough to go out in it – especially with the gloves.

polkadot teatime_005

Yes I like to wear my engagement ring over the glove and yes I do that to show off – I waited 36 years for this! 😛 

Style Card:



Standards *updated* New Eyes by LOTUS.
Stealthic Sensual
alaskametro<3  Alchemy Eyebrows
:.C!L.: Polka Starlet

Burrow Coffee Co

Tuty´s Enchanted Beauty AO

So remember:
Start: Sunday, April 7th, 2019
What you need: Find 3 little birds and pay them 1L$

That´s all  – you´ll hop off with this dress and the omega gloves 😉

take care,



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