Heading for the Disco

Hey Lovelies,

Now when I checked Blogotex to see how eager and productive OA-MEO´s Obsi has been the idea for this outfit sprung to mind. It features Harley, a naughty little dress that comes with a smoking set of lingerie, too, but I´ll show that in another post. Muahahaha yes I am mean like that – and no I´m not sorry 😉 Now Harley screamed “cute little Disco outfit” to me so I thought I´d head to the disco. Which is a name of  a song by the female fronted danish Rockabilly Band The Horrorpops.


Heading for the Disco_003

I happen to LOVE this song, but while the swinging along keeps me warm it´s still a bit chilly so I decided to take Dean along, a wonderful open Sweater-Jacket.

Heading for the Disco_010

It keeps the kidneys warm and you can zip it up so your upper body stays nice and warm until you arrive at the venue of your choice.

Heading for the Disco_011

Making sure you´re not bothered at the Disco (which might lead to Panic at the Dis…ok yes I´ll stop, sorry, don´t hit me! Please *-* ) I suggest you wear Max…

Heading for the Disco_006

Though if you kick someone up the arse with Max they might even enjoy it considering the suggestively ambiguous  heel- design 😉

Heading for the Disco_007

I just had to wear Deliciae´s Necklace “Simple Things” with it – it is so subtle and yet you can change the engraving – it comes with several Heart options including Animals, Family (which I chose today), Music and more, pet names and grateful engravings like hope, joy, love to name a few. It comes in 4 Metals .


Style Card:

Standards *updated* New Eyes by LOTUS.
Stealthic Sensual
alaskametro<3 Cosmic Manicure and Alchemy Eyebrows
Deliciae Simple Things
..::OA – M.E.O::.. Dean @ Suicide DollZ till April 5th, 2019
..::OA – M.E.O::..  Harley @ Driftwood April 5th till May 5th, 2019
..::OA – M.E.O::.. Max

Foxcity Trapped
Tuty´s Enchanted Beauty AO

Akasha´s Office

Songinspiration: Horrorpops – Heading for the Disco (opens on Spotify)

Now grab them while you can and then head for the disco – or keep your distance 😉

I´ll be back with more newness tomorrow so sleep tight when you get home and take care,



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