Happy New Year

Hey Lovelies,


yes, yes, I´m still alive and…fairly well.


The last 2 months have been a pure nightmare, even though we did have “December off” as there was no new StarWars film hitting the cinemas. I´ve told you about the proposal and the sudden death of Dave´s uncle. Well after the funeral I felt quite shite, I´ve only met him once but he was so awesome. Then at the end of the month the death of our friend hit me like a train again as it was his funeral and we weren´t even able to attend.

A mere week later – on Dec 7th – the day after my mom turned 66 – we lost Dave´s great-aunt whom I´ve had the pleasure to meet twice. I´m still shaken by that. Around that time I had a huge big-arsed shooting with Cilia for her Advent Calender. It was SO much fun!!!

So our “peaceful December” was turned into loads of driving back and forth again and we spent the 23rd baking and cooking again. This year it took us to 3AM , I got up at 8AM and baked some more. PHEW! The big day for us is the 24th – or well the evening of it – with a nice family dinner and the gifts exchange 😉

I think it´s quite understandable I spent December in SL grabbing the advent calenders and the shitton of event-gifts (I can´t even remember which events drowned us in how many gifts – it was MADNESS!!!), unpacking for hours if I had the motivation and time.

But yeah I´m really looking forward to 2019! Can´t wait looking for houses (I´m allowed to start that around Easter XD). I don´t have any resolution or list whatsoever – just one goal: be done with the move by Dec 1st and have the boxes out of the house. As we all know Episode 9 hits the big screens in December so there´ll be events before Christmas!

What will you be up to?


Stay out of drama and don´t kiss and tell 😉

Truth Joy
alaskametro<3 Neutrals/Shimmer
Pink Fuel – Sugar Rush and Sparkle and Shine
Bakaboo – A Dress Story – Yin Yang
Izzie´s Glitter Tights
REIGN Holyday PeepToe Wedges
JUSTICE Lia Bracelet
Inner Demons Seahorse Earrings
Paparazzi – Happy New Year 11 COMMON @BDC
Tuty´s Enchanting Beauty AO

Keke –  Star Projector


take care,




PS: I just learned that this is my 50th post on here *-* now how cool is that? I mean it´s about time I know, but… YEEEEY^^

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