All aboard the Halloween – train

Good evening Lovelies,

it´s the witches hour as I type this – Friday melting into Saturday like a candle´s wax melting under the heat of the flame, creating beautiful smoke patterns. I am sure many of you are lighting more candles in the darker seasons – so are we. Scented Candles, too.  I love how they work their magic. Old wax melts, turns into something new – the smoke who takes the scent by the hand and creats something new. A Pattern, an atmosphere, warmth…

Like the days melting into eachother under the warm flame of the sun wandering around the earth  I´ll create something new in this post – my first pure decor post.

I´ve shown the first pieces last time, this time  I´ll stay out of the picture and let Cosmos create magic.


all aboard the halloween train_010

Meet their little train of pumpkins and the pumpkin scarecrow and friends in a barrow.

This lovely set is available at Scare Me Silly which closes *looks at the time* today. So hurry over and support Team Diabetes SL, it´s a good cause.


Cosmo – Little train of pumpkins, Scarecrow and friends on barrow for Scare Me Silly

Inverse – Multiseason Wood Patch, Cliff

Lacrime dell´anime – Autumn Leaves

Dust Bunny – Autumn calling

Death Row Design – Autumn Log Camp, Rustic Barbecue

Harry Quijote – Jacuzzi Ibiza

DaD – Victorian Sunset Cottage

Dutchie – Rocking Chair

Now my lovelies, this is the last post for Scare Me Silly – I hope you enjoyed the little discourse and support them while you can.

See you next time, sleep tight and stay safe!

Take care,





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