Now there´s a cool cat in town…

she´s a cat she´s a cat she´s a cool cat

Hey Lovelies,

Now I´ve butchered a 90s eurodance song here, I know, but it came to my mind when I saw the outfit and looked for a title for this post…

icey times_006

and you know what? Let´s just stay musical today, shall we? The famous infamous and ever so sweet Falbala Fairey (yep, THE Falbala, incredible, huh?^^ She´s so sweet, though^^) mentioned she´d love to see more lighter colours on me. She even considered me to be outgoing and extrovert.

I had to laugh at that, too, but I´m trying to be more open again. Well my Kasha side is *grins* and she´s having an easier time at this than the Alex-Rest does XD

Ok after I´ve uploaded a few Flickr pics yesterday being all pale-rosey in a Blueberry GroupGift yesterday I went for a blogpost yesterday.

I´m derivating though so let´s get back to the musical topic shall we?

I do love my “new” Tuty´s Sexy Confident AO, because it has some cute poses inbuilt.

icey times_007

Like this Vogueish pose. Now I had it in the back of my head but google-checked it… and GUESS WHAT… Madonna´s “Vogue” has been released in 1990. Did you know that she´s just turned 60 (SIXTY!!!!!!) on August 16th?

Yeah I was astonished, too. And that, along with several TV Specials throughout the week reminded me that not only the Queen of Pop turned 60, but the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself would have turned 60 today.

It kinda made me a bit blue, which is again going well with my icey-blue outfit combined with black and pink resembling his so often self-acclaimed innocence. I am not to judge what happened but… did you know he was a talented painter, too?

icey times_017

Ok yeah I notice how …macabre it looks with the pale colours and me linking Ghost, but damnit it´s basically my favourite song of his and I´ve had it stuck in my head all day.

Dunno the bridge part (and who gave you the right…) …it´s so beautiful and deep and horrible and… argh all these emotions …

*coughs* let me tell you what´s on and around me, eh?

Truth´s Makena

my standards

Pink Fuel´s Sugar Rush Eyeshadow

Lisa Walker´s Mermaid Lipstick

Rama´s Feeling Alpha

Alaskametro<3´s Wardrobe Staples Long Tank

DRD´s Gypsy Bangles

Addams´ Apple Low Waist Leggings

MeshAgency´s Martin Shine Boots

The rose shots were taken at Backdrop City with the help of the FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Cherry Blossom prop, the full body shot is at my home in my What Next Nantucket Beach hut.

*sighs* Ok I need choccie now.

Take care,







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